June 15, 2024
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As part of the page's advocacy to bring War Robots to the common player, here is a quick recap of the War Robots International Tournament!!!

In what could be one of the defining moments of modern War Robots history, two teams have been crowned champions on Monday.

The two-category WR International Tournament was attended by more than 100 clans from all over the world, in a tournament that spanned several weeks.

Blacklist from Asia won the MK1 category over the Eurasian mix Alliance with a map scoreline of 3-2, while Scrap Yard Kings, based in the United States, proved to be a bit too strong for Team Korea as they won also with the same margin.

In the third-place matchups, Knights of Dhaka (Asia) won over Metal Maniacs (USA/India) in the MK1 category, while RU (Russia) and Maximus (Saudi Arabia) were yet to report their results in the official bracket.

While the MK1 category involved a ruthless single-elimination bracket, the MK2 category had an initial points system where the best 16 teams will go to the playoffs.

All the matchups were held in a best-of-five format, with specific bans and skips agreed upon by the captains of their respective teams.

Many of the notable and household name squads in War Robots have participated in this high-profile tournament, a list of which is provided below.

The prize pool was yet to be determined as of press time.

Here are the links to the following resources, for those interested in seeing results:

MK1 Category Group Stage and Brackets

MK1 Registered Teams List

MK2 Category Group Stage and Brackets

MK2 Registered Teams List

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