December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

Medevdev was seated together with his teammates inside their soundproof booth. They can clearly see the positive cheers of their fans at the left side of the hall. They were confident that they can get the win despite the Korean’s strong reputation.

The Russians immediately started by going in a coordinated wave, with the team dividing into three pairs that operated at close capacity. They were aware that the Koreans liked to pressure flanks, so they decided to stick together and operate within the ranges of their rockets and plasma weaponry, creating a defensive umbrella.

Meanwhile, true to his fearsome reputation of being one of the game’s best tacticians, Ancilking adjusted his strategy by going into a full war footing. He ordered his Tarancilots to go up front, supported by the Death Buttons.

“We will force them to get to their second drop strats! The more we can stay alive, the more we can make this into a brawl, the better! Let’s show these vodka-drinking idiots the power of Korean esports!”

“Fighting!” was the reply of Park’s teammates as they went on with their pincer strategy. The Koreans were calm and collected even though they were facing one of the world’s best War Robots teams.

Medevdev noticed that the Koreans are going for close-range fights and indeed, two of their bots already went down, forcing them to use their second drops. Unknown to their opponents, they were about to run a Tarancilot-Rhino setup; yes, it is rather off-meta, but it has the benefit of shredding the Korean lines for a couple of drops.

“DON’T forget to CAP! It is useless to bleed them to death if we don’t get those beacons! Ah-ja!” exhorted the Korean captain.

Outside the booth, the Open City fans were cheering enthusiastically for their team, while they booed the Russians for every move they made, clearly making the theater hall into an away situation for Medevdev and his team. To make matters worse, the Vampire was being focused down by the Koreans – and within two minutes, he is already on his third drop, a Zeus Carnage throwing down fire for his Tarancilot-Rhino pair.

The battle was intense as both teams captured beacons left and right while dealing insane amounts of damage towards their opponents; after all, these two teams were among the world’s best squads inside the War Robots title.

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