December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

With a stern voice that brimmed with finality, the Russian team leader said, “Yes, comrades, we are already down, but we will not go down without fighting! If your bot is below thirty percent, eject it and get a new one. We will try to spawn trap them.”

“YES, CAPTAIN!” was the unified shout of the team. Win or lose, the Russian side was going to their destinations as one.

On the Korean side of things, they were laughing at their fortune. They knew that they already had the game on paper.

“Hahahahahahahaahahahah. Look at that idiot. Using a tight formation against a 12/12 Tarancilot?”

“Yo, you are better off using Dash- oh I forgot, we banned it against you, Vampire!”

Everyone in the team laughed, including the Ancilking whose smile seems to reach the heavens.

They saw what the Russians were attempting to do, so they decided to stick together and play as one wave.

Medevdev led the charge with his Orkancilot, while his teammates were in all sorts of odd weaponry: Tridents, Aphids, Tempests and even Punishers were in the mix as they went to lock down the Koreans inside their camp.

“CHARGE! Ya russki ya harosho!”

Meanwhile, Park just typed on his Discord: “개 못하네” Then, he grinned and gave the order to conduct a surgical strike on the Russian team.

His teammates understood the message and went to smack down the Russians. Within the space of one minute, it was all over, with the Koreans even firing rockets at the corpses of the Russian robots for good measure.

The iconic WIN screen went up, with the note “All enemy robots were destroyed.”

The Koreans jumped in joy. They were the first team to go to the playoffs and will go up against the Philippines.

Meanwhile, the Vampire and his team were quite unhappy that they became second seed. But they just sighed, knowing that there might be better matchups in the playoffs.

After a few moments of contemplation, both sides shook their hands in front of the crowd, while the audience stood up and gave them a standing ovation. Clearly, everyone loved the match.

The analytical caster started by stating, “So the match ended up with the Koreans taking a 2-0 clean sweep. You’ve got to love the surprises in the War Robots World Championships!”

“Indeed. And from what I saw, Korea picked the Philippines, as expected, while Russia has the choice to pick Brazil or Sweden. Who do you think will they pick?” was the reply.

“I’d probably go for Brazil. Sweden knows quite a lot of the Vampire’s tricks.”

“Hmmm, let’s see what happens next!”

Medevdev paused for a bit and asked for the microphone.

“We will pick Sweden. We want to have a bang. If it’s our last match, then so be it.”

Everyone, including the casters, gasped in total shock and disbelief. After all, only one out of the four analysts predicted that Russia will pick Sweden in case they lose to Korea in the previous match.

After the casters said some more remarks regarding the match, the screen went off to the post-match interview.

First, Park, dressed up in the colors of the Korean flag, came up and said, “It was a great match, props to the Russian team for lasting the entire distance. I am wishing them luck further. They are indeed a very good team, but today, we were better, so yeah. Wish us all the best in the playoffs!”

An earnest set of claps came from the audience. With Korea going up against the home team, the happiness of the on-site spectators turned out to be a bit subtle than usual.

Then, the Vampire went to the stage, stating that they will still continue to do their best and they will go as far as they can, hoping to make history by grabbing their first back-to-back championship along the way.

The audience clapped again in earnest. It was already getting late, so the crowd and the rest of the staff dispersed afterwards, leaving only the production personnel to let them prepare for tomorrow’s matches.

With those words, they concluded the match and the road to the playoffs of the 2nd War Robots World Championships has begun.

Back in Dead City, only the carcasses of destroyed robots were left. The beacons were all in red and the airships carrying the enemy have left for another target. The blue faction has lost the battle after an intense fight with the enemy.

The captain of Alpha Squad knew that it was only one battle in a long war.

He just sighed at the futility of it. He knows that peace is what really matters in the long run.

Now that the Vampire is now resting, he can actually think of a proper strategy to beat Sweden, whom they chose together as a team for their first match in the playoffs.

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