December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

Meanwhile, at their home base inside a middle-class subdivision in Manila, the Philippine team, Seven Miracles, is gathered together inside the living room, trying to pick good options for their upcoming fight against Korea.

The team house is mainly operated through their earnings in tournaments as well as sponsorships. Besides, the team members knew each other in real life pretty well that even if they did not play War Robots, they would have banded together to play some other game and stayed together under one roof.

Most of the members of the Philippine team are in their early 20s, which makes them younger on average than the other top-level teams in the War Robots World Championships. Yet, they are rather inexperienced, as it is their first time to qualify for the playoffs of a large competition.

They are led by their capable captain Dodz Ancheta, a 23-year old player who also holds a degree in Mechatronics Engineering in real life. Meanwhile, Jesse “kingslayer99” Carillo is their main strategist, creating the sequences that the Filipino team uses in order to destroy their opponents. Their other four members are Ace, Matthew, Rick and Charles, all of whom are considered to be young prospects in the game.

“So, it’s Korea,” the captain said.

“Yeah, it is the Koreans. But I think we have a plan to beat them,” replied Carillo.

Rick exclaimed in shock, “What? Are you kidding me?”

The vice-captain explained, “Nope. Look at this. Korea loves having controlled matches where they set the tempo of the game. If we either play too fast or too slow for them, then we can definitely catch them off-guard.”

“So what do you suggest?” Matthew tried to see where the plan was going.

“Pick Moon, let them pick Yamantau and let’s abuse Springfield’s cover.”

“Wow, that’s a bold plan.”

“True, but we don’t have too much of a choice. We just need to play our A-game.”

“What do we run?” asked Ace.

“WE will run a methodical strategy on Moon. We will cap beacons up to 8:00, then suicide and drop 2 Zeus Carnages to support our Ancilots.”

“Holy crap, you kidding me?”

“No, and we will be playing with our balls deep in the water.”

“Wow, shocking to hear such words from you, Vice.”

“This won’t be the last.”

Everyone laughed to their heart’s delight; after all, their vice-captain was known to be serious and calculating to the point that people found him enigmatic.

They were all in high spirits as they were ready to take the fight to the Koreans the next day.

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