December 3, 2023
war robots fanfiction

“Commander, we have landed on Hercules Moon Base. What are our orders?”

“Seize the four staging grounds as well as the main facility in the middle. Expect heavy assistance, Lieutenant.”

“Affirmative, sir. Rules of engagement?”

“Feel free to kill them all.”

“Orders understood, Commander.” Transferring to his squad channel, the junior officer said on the radio, “We will try to control as many points as possible and try to force to bleed their defenses away by engaging them in aggressively. Clear?”

The other squad members agreed on the radio. The lieutenant ended by wishing his squad best of luck and good hunting.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Medevdev and his friends were watching the match between Korea and the Philippines.

The home crowd cheered loudly for the Philippine team even though they were up against one of the favorites to win the entire tournament. They even choreographed their shouts as they alternated between “Laban” and “Pinas” for ten minutes before the casters started their pre-game show.

There were people everywhere and many even had large posters for their teams. Carillo felt confident that they could win; after all, they will be going all-in for their match.

He reminded his team, “People, we would be running an aggressive game. If this fails, then we have nothing to fall back on.”

Ancheta asked, “Are you sure that you want to run a lineup with two lights on the first drop against what could be likely be a mid-range setup filled with Zeus and Scourges?”

The vice-captain answered, “If we capture four beacons, position our four strikers properly and time the ejects of the lights so that they can support through their Zeus Carnages, then we can lock them down inside our spawn.”

“So that makes for four Ancilots with a Taran-Orkan buddy system.”

“Yes, indeed.”

“How about their survivability?”

“We just need to hope that they don’t put down a Hydra or something along those lines in their first drop. Otherwise, we might just see our Anciles melt under the blistering fire.”

“Very well. Let’s do this!”

“Okay people, you heard the Captain. LABAN!”

“PINAS!” was the reply of the rest of the team over their voice communication system.

Meanwhile, the casters started to discuss about the match, and they are situated once again at the back of the hall.

“So what do we expect the Philippines to run?” asked the first one.

The analyst replied, “I think that we will see an extremely aggressive lineup from the Filipinos. That is the only way they can take the first map.”

“Oh, I see. So who do you pick to win?”

“I will pick the Philippines this time around. I have every confidence that Carillo and Ancheta have done their research.”

“How about the Koreans?”

“It is not impossible for them to win this series, considering that they are one of the most skilled WR sides in the world. However, we should also expect that the home crowd will be a factor in increasing the Filipinos’ performance.”

“Oh, I see. Well, even though I’d love an underdog victory, I still think that the Koreans will win. After all, they’ve got a very good captain!”

“Well, let’s find out together as the match is about to begin between the Philippines and Korea! For those who are watching, the Philippines chose Moon, Korea chose Yamantau and Springfield is left for their deciding match!”

“Very well, let’s get ready for ONNNNEEE BIIIGGG FFIIIIIGGGHHHTT! BUS YAN!”

The crowd clapped enthusiastically as they anticipated the match to start. With those words, both teams quickly got into the action.

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