December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

With the match between the Philippines and Korea finishing 2-0 in favor of the host country, the audience wore bright smiles on their faces. The locals were more hyped than ever, with some of the analysts even pondering on the possibility of the Filipinos getting a championship this season.

However, there’s an obvious roadblock. The Russian national team is still alive, as well as the Swedes under the Trifecta guild. Regardless of the winner of the “Duel in the North”, Carillo knows that it’s going to be a match where they will be stuck between a rock and a hard place.

Despite these facts, both the locals and Seven Miracles were already ecstatic with the results that they’ve gained. This is the first time that they’ve joined the tournament, having failed to participate the previous year due to financial and visa issues. Getting into the semifinals of a game’s premier tournament is already a blessing for them, and beating Korea along the way just added to the country’s ever-growing collection of laurels in the War Robots universe.

Thus, the Vampire was keenly aware of the importance of this match as well as the next one. He knows that if he can beat the Swedes and the Filipinos in his side of the bracket, their team can easily win the whole thing in the finals on the back of that momentum.

All of these things were on his mind as he gave his final instructions to Polar Pro. They were together in a huddle, shoulders linked by arms that showed great muscle mass…as well as a bond that extended back to the early days of the game.

“Guys, here is how we will play this match. We are going to use Dash bots.”

“Are you sure about it?”

“Yes, we are going to being the Russian meat grinder to these sauna-loving bastards.”

The whole team let out a quick laugh.

“Just remember. No panicking.”

“Yes, Captain!”

“Very well!”


Meanwhile, the screen outside flashed the names of the members of the Swedish national team, as well as their preferred bots. Nearly everyone looked intently at the screen; it showed that many of those who were watching were not aware of Trifecta’s existence or just wanted to know more about the team. They clapped in joy whenever a team member’s face is shown on the LED projector.

After a while, the commentators started to introduce the Swedish team members.

“So, Abdusamad Hasanovic is the captain of the Swedish team. They have an excellent mastery of the current metagame and can play nearly any map. He is a giant and he is the oldest in the team at the age of 26.”

“Alright! We also have Adam Petersen, who is the ace and vice-captain of Trifecta. He is a hyper-carry, which means that he can single-handedly win 1v3s and rack up a lot of kills and damage per map. The Russians should be wary of him.”

“Indeed. They also have an up-and-coming talent in the form of Ryan Malkovic. He is the best Dash player in the world and he’s not bad on the other mech setups as well!”

“Finally, role players for the team are as follows: Lucas Jansen, Ludvig von Steck and Albus Blausteiger round up the rest of the Trifecta squad!”

“Wow, that’s nice to hear!”

“Very well, let’s get this match started as the second quarterfinal of the 2nd War Robots Championship is going underway…here at SM Aura in Taguig, Philippines!”

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