December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

The second map on Moon immediately began after the break, as Sweden aimed to finish the match 2-0 and in quick fashion. Thus, they went all out with their “six-Griffin zoo” strategy for their first drop. A “zoo strategy” implies that all the bots will have different sets of weapons; this will allow the Swedes to adjust to the type of threat that they were going to face in theory.

“Bingo!” exclaimed the Russian captain. Griffins are rather low on HP and can’t receive too much punishment.

Polar Pro went for their “tilting” Moon plan, with three Taran Rogatkas and three Hydra Fujins that are designed to hold, harass and capture beacons all at the same time. The Rogatkas will provide the mobility needed, while the Fujins will sit on their home half of the map and dish out damage towards any enemy they catch inside their respective ranges.

Igor and Artour went for two sides of the map on their Rogatkas, with Musa remaining behind to harass people who will try to take up beacon C at the middle of the map. Plasma beams, rockets and projectiles were flying all over the map and all throughout the chaotic initial moments of the match, the Russians were keeping a 4-1 lead in beacons as well as near-total map control.

“Damn it, dude, what the f*ck are we facing?”, exclaimed Ryan, the young talent on the Swedish side. He had a fair complexion and always looked young; however, it seemed that the pressure of the match got into him as he looked like a 50-year old man at the moment.

“They’re trying to tilt us. Let’s bring it back to 2-3 at least, and then rely on the power of our Ancilots to hold our ground,” commented Hasanovic.

“Yes, Captain!” was the reply of the rest of the Swedes.

Inside the other booth, the Russian captain said to his teammates, “Gentlemen, if you see an Ancilot, any number of them on the field and you are already crippled, eject and go for the Rhinos.”

“Affirmative, Comrade, will do,” was Musa’s reply. “You heard the man, guys! Let’s man it up and bring the damn fight to them!”

Five minutes into match, the Russians still held a 3-2 advantage in terms of beacons and were just enjoying their shooting gallery experience on the Rhinos; however, the Swedes decided to run something else: A six-Rogatka strategy.

Artour reacted, “Really?”

That was all they could do as they watched their advantage swing away from their team, making it 1-4 in favor of the Swedes. Besides, the Rhinos had no answer to the mobility of the Rogatka.

“Boys, Dash time!” shouted the Russian captain.

Releasing three MK2s and MK3s on the field, the match swung back again into the Russians’ control as they recaptured the beacons and wrecked the Rogatkas with their one-two buddy combo all at the same time. It was still the seventh-minute mark and the Russians knew that they could lose if they made one single mistake.

Feeling bold and knowing that if they can control the spawn timings of the Swedes, they could win the map as their conquest bar was nearly depleted.

“Musa, Igor, Artour and the rest of you, dash towards the enemy base and lock them up there! We can win even with 1-4 in beacons! GO – NOW!!!”

The Russian team appeared inside their enemy’s half of the map in record time and by the eight-minute mark, they were able to lock down all of the Swedes except for Adam, who was able to run away with his Thunder Carnage. The beacons were 4-1 in the Russians’ favor and Medevdev knew very well that the Swedes won’t have enough time to flip them all.

Still, the Swedes fought viciously as they attempted to break out of the Russian blockade. Sure enough, Adam was fast in capturing two beacons, but the conquest bar was already zero by then, with the “WIN” sign appearing and a note that said:

“Your team held more beacons than the enemy team.”

With that message, the Russians jumped in joy, knowing that they have just survived Sweden’s map pick and won with their ballsy antics.

Polar Pro is not anymore at the brink of getting eliminated from the War Robots World Championships. They have tied up the series, 1-1 – and whoever wins the next map will get to face the host country’s team in the semi-finals.

The loser will have to say goodbye – and Medevdev had no plans to do just that. He called Musa to his side and said:

“Musa, make a plan for us. And quick, and simple – so that we can do it immediately.”

Akrymadov nodded with a small smirk on his face.

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!

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