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The next quarterfinal match was between Brazil and China, who are both considered to be top teams in the highest echelons of War Robots.
A portion of the crowd went out of the hall in order to get food or enjoy the sights of one of Manila’s most upscale districts, while hardcore War Robots fans stayed in order to watch and have fun watching the matches.

Their faith will surely be rewarded.

The Chinese team is composed of six players who have been in the same clan since the beta days of the game, calling themselves “Dark Snow” in the process. Meanwhile, the Brazilians have also six friends, similar to Philippines’ Seven Miracles and they styled themselves as “QUE OTA.”

After some comments by the casters and analysts, the match immediately began on earnest, with Dead City, Shenzhen and Powerplant as the map choices for the series.

To start the proceedings, the two sides started on Dead City, which was the Chinese map pick. Many know that Dark Snow liked to abuse either the durability of the Ancilots or the speed of the Dash bots on this map.

However, the Brazilians had a different plan. They used one Ancilot and one Gareth to take the middle beacon, while four Rogatkas pressured the sidelines in the opening drop.

In addition, they started to trashtalk in a combination of Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

On the all-chat box, the Brzailian captain typed: “他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的他妈的”

The Chinese understood very well what it meant, so they went aggressive and quickly destroyed the Brazilian side in the process. They also replied with their brand of trashtalk:

“Noobs, monkeys and favelas. Nice combination, no?”

In addition, the Chinese shouted stuff at their opponents whenever they kill a bot or capture a beacons and the audience realized that they might be in for an interesting ride.

However, QUE OTA had a different plan. Using three Dash MK3s and three Ancilots, they started to turn the explosive fight into a long, manly brawl.

This unsettled the Chinese who chose to drop Griffins and Zeus Furies in order to give them the range advantage. However, Dead City was a relatively small map, so if Ancilots catch up within 200 units of any bot, players consider it as a dead one and would prefer to eject and go to a new one once they’ve unloaded their damage.

The Russians, who were watching in their seats, understood the Brazilian plan: With a combination of unconventional strategy, psychological warfare and abrupt change of tempo, they wanted to bring the Chinese out of their comfort zone.

It did work and it was paying huge dividends for them.

“Do you think we can apply this to our team?”

“Nah, not really, dude.”

Polar Pro’s players just chuckled at the thought of their team applying the QUE OTA strategy.

Then, the Brazilians went for another full Rogatka drop as soon as their heavy robots have run out of hit points. By then, the Chinese captain exclaimed to his team, “Holy sh*t, these monkeys certainly know how to play this game!” After all, no one expected the Brazilians to step up their game against a traditional esports powerhouse like China.

Realizing that they’ve lost the game, the Chinese team tapped out of their map pick and typed on the all-chat system:


Afterwards, in an uncharacteristic move for Dark Snow, they immediately wanted to go on QUE OTA – on their map pick, without any break whatsoever.

Without any delay, the Brazilians immediately used a full Griffin lineup with Tarans, Magnums, Orkans, Pinatas and Molots. For every kill that they got, a different player from QUE OTA stood up and did obscene gestures.

For the home crowd, it was a great time to be inside that mall as the words flowed out of the Latin Americans’ mouths without any sign of stopping.

“Chupa-mos!” was the shout of one of the the Brazilian players. He also gestured like a baby using a pacifier.

The Filipino crowd understood the message and laughed at the frankness and vivacity of the profanity that has just been uttered.

Then, the Brazilian captain exclaimed, “Putang ina mo!” to the shock and amazement of the crowd. After all, they did not expect that a group of Brazilians will know the Filipino language.

Whenever QUE OTA captured a beacon, the Brazilians will stand altogether and exclaim, “F*CK YEAH!” and go back to their seats and resume pounding their opponents.

The Chinese could not find an answer to the relentless in-game tactics and the creative language of the Brazilians.

After all those profanities and trashtalk, it was finally over, with the win screen stating that “all enemy robots have been destroyed.”

Brazil just won over China, 2-0, to the utter surprise of many in the audience.

China was supposed to be a powerhouse team. However, in this case, Brazilian word play caught the better of them.

Medevdev obviously took note of those tendencies while sitting comfortably with his bottle of apple iced tea and pineapple pie.

With these results, the Brazilians are now off to the semifinals to face off against the winner of Jordan and Lebanon.

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!

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