December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

Dodz and the Kingslayer have fought bitterly until they meched out, but it was all in vain as the Russians took the first map.

“Well, so it’s Yama now. Time to do risks?”

“Three Butch Trebs and Three Ancilots on plasma for the first drop? That will deter any type of Russian attack for the first few minutes.”

Matthew, typically a silent guy who just wants to focus on his job, had some choice words to say.

“I agree with that. Since we have our backs against the wall, we might just try to do something different!”

“So you say we go for this cheese drop.”

Everyone nodded.

Meanwhile, on the Russian side, the Vampire gave a small rundown of their strategy.

“Three Rhinos with mid-range weapons or two Rhinos and one Fury/one Carnage supporting our big Orkancilot push. They will surely not expect this.”

No one in Polar Pro reacted negatively. Surely enough, no one will run a plasma strategy considering the range of the battlefield on Yamantau.

Then, the match began with a cheeky tactic: The Tarancilots on the Filipino side used the combined speed of their Rush and the walking speed of the Butches to push them faster down there in order for the Russians not to see their lights.

Everyone knows from the handbook that the menacing yellow glowing barrels could be seen very far in almost any map, and are very distinctive from any other long-range weaponry, serving as a warning for the Russian pilots. Obviously, the Russians will try to bait the Filipinos to shoot; however, due to the intelligent “speed boost”, Polar Pro will not see the Trebuchets coming.

Usually, if the light is dim, it is relatively safe to cross the opening on the map or to attack the enemy, due to low damage of a Trebuchet that isn’t charged. This is what the Vampire would prefer – thus, the reason for choosing Ancilots.

In any case, Ace felt a touch of inspiration coming into his veins. Once he, Matthew and Rick, who were on the Butches, were safely down there, he asked his teammates to fire at the lead Rhino robot, gambling on a feeling that their shields were not up.

Six bolts of wonderful plasma hit Artour, who was on the first bot; then, before he could hit the shield button, another single wave of those bolts hit him, sending him out of his first bot.

“Guys, raise your rush and go for the nearest cover!” commanded the Vampire.

Then, Ace requested his teammates to go for the middle beacon and bait the Lancelots into a brawl so that they can free-fire on them. At the same time, the young Filipino was counting the seconds that have passed inside his mind; he knows that 23 seconds is the cycle needed for the Trebuchets to amass maximum damage.

Afterwards, the three Treb Butches began their onslaught on the unsuspecting lead Orkancilot, who was piloted by Musa. While he was confident that he can face the three Tarancilots in front of him, he was surprise when the Butches struck him precisely in such a way that two of his physical shields were broken.

Within the span of a few seconds, Musa was down to his second drop.

As if it was not enough, Ace told the Filipino snipers to go nearer to goad the Russians to hunt them down. However, they were able to keep their fire for the next few minutes, until a combination of Trebuchets, Molots, Punishers and mid-range weapons forced them out of their mechs.

It was the time that Ace was waiting for. He unleashed his Bulgasari, dashing in and out of the Russian side as if he was a ninja with supreme jumping powers.

Taking down five bots before he ejected out of his crippled Dash MKIII, he went on to his next drop, a Zeus Carnage that again picked off Polar Pro whenever they tried to flank on Yama.

Upon seeing this performance from the young Filipino, Vampire had to say to his teammates, “If the Philippines had more players like this, they will establish a dynasty inside this game.”

Then, he went on to his Stalker, using impeccable timing in order to capture the far enemy beacon and harass the Russian team inside their spawn, adding more seconds to the time advantage that the Filipinos were enjoying on that map.

Finally, he unleashed his Thunder-Punisher Lancelot and he joined his teammates in cleaning up the last remnants of the Russian team, thus securing a Yamantau victory in little over eight minutes with Polar Pro meching out.

Once the statistics sheets came up, not only did Ace top the damage scoreboard at 1.07 million, but at the same time, he took down 12 robots and captured four beacons, which was an insane performance indeed on an open map such as Yamantau.

While everyone in the Philippine team was happy that they tied up the series, the rest of the War Robots world, including the Russians on the other booth, had a realization.

The Filipino young bloods were coming for them – and sooner or later, they will reach the top of the War Robots world.

And…it was the Ace show.

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!


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