December 3, 2023
war robots fanfiction

Now that the series was tied at 1-1, Medevdev knew very well that was now basically a best-of-one match, where anything could happen in a map.

Knowing very well that Springfield was a tempo-based map, he formulated a strategy for his team to follow.

“Gentlemen, we will use two MK1 and four MK3 Dash bots. We need to be able to challenge those beacons at every opportunity that we can.”

The Russians, knowing very well what was at stake, have decided to follow their captain’s orders.

Inside the Filipino booth, the Kingslayer and Dodz Ancheta have said the following things to their team:

“Never give up until the last bot. We will fight as hard as we can, we will do our best and no matter what happens, know that the Philippines is proud of our actions!”

Then, Ace asked about their strategy. Carillo replied that they will try to run a mix of Fujin Hydras and Ancilots with Molot MKII’s, hoping to frustrate the enemy early on so that they won’t even think of challenging the beacons.

“Do you think it will work against them?”

“Maybe yes, maybe not. But at least, we get to try something.”

“Well, they are basically the best team in the game, so why should we use a cheese strategy?”

“That’s the thing about it. They should not see it coming…unless they have their own plans.”

“What if they use the Dash bots?”

“We just need to hope that we win through attrition. After all, we are nearly at the same level as them, and if they make mistakes, their lineup would be screwed.”

“I see.”

Before the start of the match, Medevdev thought to himself:

We should win this championship. We did not travel to a tropical country just to experience this weather and get a participatory award.

We will win this.

We will stand at the top of the War Robots world!

Then, the tune of Two Steps From Hell’s For The Win quickly flowed through his mind, giving it a sense of purpose and another injection of inner strength.

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!

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