December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

Now that the match is about to go underway, the Vampire did not waste his time fiddling around and used his Kumihos in order to capture three beacons, namely, Farm, Metropolis and Highrise (or Research Center, as others would call it.) Meanwhile, he used a Bulgasari to provide fire support from the Metropolis bridge while at the same time using the rest in order to pressure Shield and the Filipino spawn.

“Igor, go annoy them towards the Port!”

“Yes, Captain!”

“Artour, provide fire and keep the Metropolis clear! Don’t let their Ancilots gain an inch!”


The Russians were moving in coordinated waves, keeping full control of the map while at the same time determining the pace of the game. In addition, they traded properly while creating crossfires on Springfield and the Filipino side knew that they have just run out of steam.

Two drops have passed in the space of five minutes; yet, even though the Filipino and Russian squads were at an equal number of bots, the Russian conquest bar is much healthier than that of the Philippine side.

“Matthew, Ace, Rick, try to hold Shield while the rest of us go and capture Metropolis!”

Using the Rush on their Ancilots, they tried to go for the push towards the city center. However, the Russians were a step ahead.

“Musa, take another guy and support Artour inside the city! We should not let this lead slip away from us!”

“Roger that! Let’s eject now!”

On the side of Seven Miracles, they definitely needed a miracle in order to take the third map; however, it was not forthcoming.

“How many Polar Pro robots are there?”

“One Bulgasari and two Ancilots!”

“Holy crap. They’re going to be able to stop the push!”

Igor has only two robots left in his hangar; however, they were both Orkan Rogatkas, which were ideal for diversions, ambushes and mobile strikes – all of which come handy along with the innate jump abilities that made them excellent beacon cappers.

“Captain, I’m going into my fourth now! I think we should try to focus Port and keep Seven Miracle’s best players tied up!”

“Granted. Musa and the rest of you, support Igor in his push! If we succeed, we will have our ticket to the finals!”

Immediately, Carillo and Ancheta both recognized the threat and went for their Fury Trebs. They were able to take down Igor’s fourth bot immediately; however, in doing so, they left their Shield side open for a push by Haechis and Bulgasaris from the Highrise side.

“People, we are about to win this one, just keep up the pressure!” shouted Medevdev.

After what seemed to be an eternity, the win screen finally appeared.

“WIN! Your team held more beacons than the enemy team.”

Then, the Russians jumped in joy to the point that the cameras shook as the players threw away their tablets and headsets.

Polar Pro has just gotten to another War Robots World Championship final.

Meanwhile, inside the Filipino booth, Seven Miracles just wore a bitter smile as they clapped to the crowd and went out front with their heads up high. They knew that even if they have done their best debut, it would have been better for them to get to the final and possibly get a shot at winning a world championship on their home soil.

However, the better team should win, and in this case, the Russians were the favorites in this game, committing lesser mistakes than the rest of the teams in this tournament.


“Yes, Captain?”

“If I were you, watch out for that Filipino team…they might just turn out to be our most difficult opponent in the future.”

“Will do, Captain.”

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!

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