December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

Now that STRYKER and her team just spent a lot of energy in winning their map pick, de Costa and his team had every reason to be confident that they can have the momentum in the succeeding maps.

“Guys, you noticed how much they’ve spent in winning their own map pool. Now, they should be tired, and even though STRYKER is a master at this game, we all know she can’t carry five exhausted teammates for the next two maps.”

Everyone in the Brazilian team nodded in agreement. After all, they saw themselves how they were able to turn the Lebanese map pick into an extremely close one with relatively little effort.

“Ready to win this time?”


Canyon was a map with a different setup. Even though the middle portion of the map is home to brawlers and robots who like to fight just outside of mid-range setups, the outer portion of the map is open, thus allowing snipers and Hydra users to gain a very big advantage.

De Costa told his guys, “People, let’s shove the Brazilian banana into their faces! Use Haechis and Bulgasaris to allow us to wreck them, they are just one-time ponies, anyway!”

Everyone in the Brazilian team laughed at the joke.

“Let’s do this!”

The match started with three Haechis and one Bulgasari going for middle, while two Dash MK3s went towards the far beacon to pressure the enemy flank.

De Costa suddenly realized that they could actually go into the enemy spawn without being punished with a counter-push, so he commanded his team to adopt a 4-1-1 formation, with four bots relentlessly pushing towards the enemy home beacon, 1 bot guarding mid and 1 bot guarding their far home beacon; after all, the near home beacon was covered by the rest of the team.

STRYKER and her team were at a loss as the Brazilians just struck them as they went out of their spawn, making sure that they can’t get out to regain control without dealing with the Bulgasaris first.

The Brazilians, despite their heavy advantage, were rather taking this match seriously. They knew that their backs were still against the wall, and one mistake would cost them dearly.

Yusop said, “The two of you, come with me and don’t mind the blockade! Let’s try to retake middle!”

This they did, and they were able to come out of the Brazilian cordon. They even captured the middle beacon; however, two Haechis suddenly appeared at their sides, wrecking them with a combination of Orkans and Tarans. Not even Adeline’s quick reflexes saved her from the relentless aggression of QUE OTA.

By then, it was too late for the Lebanese to come back and even though they fought valiantly, the Lebanese lost the match and meched out by the nine-minute mark. In other words, they were wrecked pretty hard by the hardball play that the Brazilians have displayed.

As a result, both teams are now tied at one map apiece.

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