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De Costa sighed in relief as they won the second map, after a close loss in the first one. At the same time, he came to the realization that the Lebanese team were playing at a lower level than many of the teams in this tournament.

After all, their set plays were composed of three types: Straight pushes, plays based on the back of Adeline’s openings and cheese strategies on maps. The Brazilian captain was confident that they could take on all of the said tactics with the skill level and adjustments that his team could make.

After a couple of minutes, De Costa instructed his team to use two Furies with Trebuchets, one Zeus Carnage and three Tarancilots. This would allow them to hold their entire half of the map, up to Highrise, while at the same time, deterring any rush tactics that the Lebanese side would attempt to do.

To QUE OTA’s surprise, they faced a full Dash lineup consisting of one Kumiho, three Haechis and two Bulgasaris. The Brazilian captain simply shouted “Vamos!” to his teammates.


The two Trebs positioned themselves near the farm side, with one covering Bridge while the other covering Flank Side. Meanwhile, the Zeus Carnage supported the solo Tarancilot holding Metropolis. Finally, the remaining Tarancilots went towards Shield, hoping to be able to outpace the Lebanese side.

Adeline was on the Kumiho, which had two Orkan slots in order to provide enough firepower to melt down the Tarancilots. Meanwhile, the two Bulgasari bots were just behind, one of them carrying Tarans and the other carrying Orkans, presumably to prevent the Tarancilots from gaining the advantage in Shield.

De Costa, on his Zeus Carnage, was watching the proceedings carefully.

The female player started her move by making her and one of the Dash MK3s to get to Shield, while the other lurked behind the wall.

In response, the two Tarancilots went forward to challenge them. It became a brawl as rockets and plasma beams were flying all around.

Meanwhile, the Brazilian snipers changed position in order to get a good look on Silent Hill. De Costa knew that the timing was important; after all, the Lebanese are known for being able to adapt to Adeline’s plays pretty well.


Out of nowhere, six yellow beams lit up the battlefield, striking the Bulgasaris pretty much dead on. With their lives reduced to critical levels, the Brazilian frontliners didn’t have to do much to finish them.

However, as a result, both of them had their Anciles gone and Yusop took them down with a one-two punch.

The crowd shouted at the top of their voices as they saw that a light robot was able to take down two Tarancilots, while at the same time avoiding death herself.

That is, until the Furies went towards 400 meters of her and struck the Kumiho with well-time shots.

Adeline was already hit by the first salvo, so she dashed backwards, then towards the right, somewhere near Shield.

She didn’t expect the second salvo to come. The Lebanese lady just shrugged at the thought.

However, the Brazilian captain and the lone Tarancilot were having a good time as they slowed the Brazilian push towards Metropolis, grinding them to a halt.

The Brazilians just went on with the same setup as the Lebanese were forced to waste resources in order to keep up their slim 3-2 lead.

They’re going to break at some point, De Costa thought.

After all, they also know that QUE OTA was an extremely good team with a high level of skill and grit as well, and that if they can’t find a dominating position early on.

Afterwards, the inevitable just happened on its own as Silent Hill meched out of the game.

The game was now over as the Brazilians gained their spot to the Grand Finals over Adeline and her team.

De Costa just smiled inside the QUE OTA booth as their two-Fury Treb-one Zeus Carnage-three Tarancilot punch worked out pretty well. Apparently, running sniping strats also worked at the highest competitive levels of War Robots.

Medevdev, who was just watching the entire match with a pack of cheese popcorn and a 1-liter bottle of iced tea, took note of the tactics that the Brazilian team used.

After all, it would be good for him to avoid giving QUE OTA a chance to be able to win a series. In addition, the Russian captain knew that every mistake made from this point on would easily allow the enemy to snowball and win the entire thing.

Nikolai couldn’t allow that to happen. He knew the stakes involved.

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