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After a lunch break, the grand finals of the largest War Robots tournament has begun in earnest as QUE OTA faced off against Polar Pro in one of the biggest series in the game.

The casters once again lined up the captains of the teams for a short interview. This time around, they asked what the championship meant for them.

First, Medevdev took the microphone.

“Everyone knows that we have won the first edition of the War Robots championship at a time when everyone was still focused on their clans. We also know that it would be hard to win a back-to-back championship, and that we may be the supervillain to their dreams.”

The audience laughed.

“Be rest assured that we will win the second time around and that we will show the world that we are indeed the best in the game! We will not be a villain to someone else’s story – we will be the main characters of our own story!”

With these words, the audience jumped in joy. After all, many of them empathize with the fact that Medevdev wants to leave the War Robots scene with a lasting legacy.

Then, De Costa spoke.

“I know that it was very hard for us to reach this level. First, we needed to beat China, which had a full lineup and could do multiple strategies. Then, we needed to beat Lebanon, which had a “God-level player” and whose team was ready to lay down their lives for her. That was really difficult. And yes, we’ve got Russia, who was – no, sorry, apparently is still the number one team in the world, until today.”

“We will prove them wrong. We will show them what QUE OTA means. I think they’ll be addicted to it.”

Many of the spectators reacted at the statement, knowing very well that it was a strongly worded challenge.

Afterwards, both captains went to their respective booths and gave their final orders to their teams. Both sides, after all, have been waiting for this moment for their entire lives.

Nikolai, Musa, Igor and Artour were discussing about how they should approach the game.

“Okay, the map pool. There are seven maps. Which ones should we ban?”

“Do we want to play brawl, mid-range or long-range?”

“I think it would be better for us to go on a brawl, with one or two Zeus fire teams in support.”

“Igor’s right. A four-two setup would be beneficial for us, regardless of the map pool. After all, that’s how many of us play as a standard setup.”

“How about going for three Carnages and three Bulgasaris?”

“No – no – no…”

“Don’t say no, Musa, we all know that the Captain knows how to take risks.”

“But then, Igor, Musa’s right. What if the maps will not favor us?”

“We will ban Yamantau first. We will not run a sniper setup.”

“What if they ban Springfield?”

“Much better. We will fight on short-range maps.”

“Okay. Which one we pick first?”

“We’ll go Dead City, regardless of what they ban, unless they also pick it or ban it. In this case, we will pick Powerplant.”

“Powerplant? Are you serious, Captain? Why not Shenzhen?”

The captain replied to Musa, “I hope to bait the Brazilians to pick Shenzhen and go on an all-out brawl. I would like to think that they were also preparing for a mid-range strategy like us.”

Meanwhile, in the Brazilian side, everyone agreed to pick Moon, knowing that the Russians won’t ban it outright and ban Shenzhen, as they saw that the Russian won 100% of their matches on it.

Everyone was silent inside the Brazilian booth, except for De Costa, who just said the following:

“Win or lose, be proud of yourselves. After all, we can say that despite our difficult beginnings, we are still one of the best teams in the world!”

Then, QUE OTA went into a huddle, shouting “HOORAH!”

After a few minutes, the much-awaited map veto phase has started. The commentators were already busy giving background information on both teams, as well their strength, weaknesses and people to look out for.

The coin toss has decided that Brazil will start the proceedings first, followed by the Russians and so on.

The results of the pick-ban phase were clear on everyone’s screens, including that of the audience.

     QUE OTA bans Shenzhen

     Polar Pro bans Yamantau

     QUE OTA picks Moon

     Polar Pro picks Springfield

     Polar Pro bans Powerplant

     QUE OTA bans Dead City

    Canyon remains as the deciding map

Medevdev was surprised that QUE OTA banned their pocket pick first; after all, they were only able to play Shenzhen once, against the Ancheta-lead Filipino side. Of course, this changed their risk calculus as they needed to pick something else, now that their practiced pick has been forced out of the game.

However, the Russian captain knew that the Brazilians were no pushovers; after all, how will they be able to reach the top level of War Robots?

Meanwhile, De Costa was pleased with the results of the map veto phase. However, he knew very well that it was time for everyone on his team to step up and do their best.

Then, the tournament marshals inside each booth signaled the start of the game.


The countdown went slowly as the crowd gasped.


Then, the lights of the theatre hall went out, followed by a flash of red, blue and yellow that mesmerized the crowd.

The Grand Finals of the 2nd War Robots World Championships has begun.

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!

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