December 9, 2023
war robots fanfiction

Now that the Brazilians are ahead by one map, Medevdev needed to calm down his teammates, who were at the verge of breaking down.

“Don’t worry guys, man up, it’s just one map!”

“Yeah, sure,” said Musa. “But what’s our plan now? They’re going to keep on using those dashes!”

“Well, it’s time to do the three Butch Treb – three Tarancilot strategy!” exclaimed Artour.

“Woah, wait, wait, wait, are you sure about it?” asked Igor.

“Yeah, it’s the right time. Our snipers can hold two of our beacons while the three of us pressure for a third. No need for elaborate strategies, it’s time to show our full strength!”

To make things easier for the Russians, they spawned at the farm side of Springfield, which meant that their three Tarancilots would be able to take over Highrise.

“Gentlemen, let’s do this!”

Meanwhile, de Costa commanded a four Haechi-two Bulgasari lineup, hoping to challenge the Russians. They did not expect three Butches.

“PUTA! PUTA! PUTA! PUTA! They just took out one of the Haechis!”

Six waves of yellow fire just obliterated the trailing Brazilian Dash MK2, thus knocking him off his first drop.

“So they are running a three-sniper strategy. No matter, let’s play inside the city!”

They relinquished control of Highrise to the Russians, leaving the Bulgasaris to try to retain Shield while rest of them went inside Port.

Just as the Russians Tarancilots and the Brazilian heavy Dashes began their duel in Highrise, another Haechi received multiple flashes from the Butches that blasted him to pieces and sending him to heaven.

The Russians, in the space of a minute, have already taken down two Brazilian Dashes.

Medevdev lead the younger players in the sniping department, while Musa, Igor and Artour battled it out with their Tarancilots inside Highrise.

When de Costa’s Bulgasari blew up under an endless stream of plasma, Igor stood up and gave the Brazilians the middle finger.

Then, Igor began his rampage by going around the corner, while his two teammates wrecked the Bulgasari’s shield.

He shot the heavy Dash bot in the back, forcing him to mech out.

Meanwhile, the other Russians were enjoying picking off the Haechis as they tried to strike into Metropolis in vain.

Artour, upon killing another bot, stood up and shouted, “SO EZ FOR BRAZILIAN FAVELA!!!”

The audience laughed at the joke.

Inside the Brazilian booth, they were already aware that the game was over. They were already thinking of the third map.

“So, what do we do now?”

“Screw this. We tap out and get ready for Canyon.”

On the all-chat, de Costa typed two letters.


As a result, Russia brings the series to a final map and keeps their back-to-back championship dreams alive.

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!

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