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The win screen showed that “You have held more beacons than the enemy team”; however, Medevdev knew that they were only one bot away from losing it all.

Nevertheless, they all jumped in joy inside their booths as they finally get to experience the glory and happiness of becoming the world’s first two-time War Robots World Champions. After all, they’ve been beaten by Korea in the last match of the group stage, putting them into a rather awful bracket as they needed to face Sweden, the Philippines and Brazil with 2-1 scorelines before reaching the championship.

“Hold shit dude, I thought that we were not going to make it!” exclaimed Artour.

Igor replied, “Yeah, bro, that was a long road to the top.”

Then, Musa interjected: “It doesn’t matter, we’re here once again, so chillax and let’s enjoy the win!”

Everyone wore big smiles on their faces. Then, they went together outside of the booth as a team and then proceeded to the Brazilian booth to shake their hands and extend their warm regards.

Meanwhile, the Brazilians just smiled at the chance that they’ve been given. They knew that although they couldn’t win the championship trophy, being locked in a long battle with the number one team in the world and getting a map off them in the grand final of the world’s largest WR tournament is something that they can be proud of.

Both teams went out to the middle of the stage and bowed to the audience. The spectators appreciated the gesture, giving both teams a standing ovation for their wonderful performance. Afterwards, officials from Pixonic went up and gave both teams their respective medals and checks.

The play-by-play commentator came down to the stage and gave the microphone to the Russians for their final remarks regarding the tournament. Medevdev took the mic and gave it to Musa, thus showing the world that he trusts this man dearly and that he’s ready to give the reins of Polar Pro to his vice-captain.

QUE OTA took this as a cue to leave the stage, and they left the theatre hall through the front door; passing through hordes of fans who wanted to high-five them or get a picture of the team.

Thus, Musa began his short speech.

“First of all, I want to say that I am very happy that we have won the WR World Championships for the second time around. It was very hard for us as a team, especially fighting against the Koreans, Filipinos and the Brazilians.

Secondly, I would like to thank the audience, the Filipinos who have braved the traffic and the weather and came here in order to celebrate this victory with us. Thank you very much for not just being energetic and hyped, but for also appreciating the art of high-level War Robots that has been played here over the past two weeks.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone in the team, my family and my friends for giving unlimited support to me and my team!


May God bless you all.”

The color commentator asked from his table, “Do you think you’ll come back to this country?”

Medevdev took the microphone from Musa and replied, “Definitely. We loved the people here, they were warm; we loved the weather, it was different from what we have back in Russia and we love the food, especially San Pedro’s roasted chicken! How I wish the people back in my country will also do that kind of chicken!”

The people in the hall laughed and clapped at the uncanned response of the Russian captain.

Then, the play-by-play caster continued, “Finally, we would like to announce that there are four individual awards for this tournament: Best Captain, Best Rookie, Finals MVP and Regular MVP. We will flash the names of the four people and we will send them $10,000 each as well as a small trophy to their teams in the next few days!”

After a short pause, the commentator-turned-host read the names.

“The Best Captain award goes to Nikolai Medevdev for leading his team to the championships! Meanwhile, we have Ace Salazar for our best rookie award, Igor Zakhaev for his star-level performance in the finals and Jesse Carillo for being a brilliant vice-captain during the group stage and the playoffs! Congratulations to all of these players!”

With every name mentioned, a good number of the spectators also reacted or made appreciative remarks. The atmosphere inside the colorfully-lit SM Aura Theater Hall was positive and full of good vibes.

Finally, the analytic commentator also came down to the stage and shouted, “AND OUR WINNERS FOR THE SECOND War Robots World Championship IS NONE OTHER THAN…POLAR PRO!!! CONGRATULATIONS TO THEM…and CONGRATULATIONS TO EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS INTO A GRAND EVENT!”

The spectators clapped once more and after a couple more advertisements and press conferences, the second War Robots World Championship came to a close.

You can read the next chapter here! As for the previous one, you can always go back!

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