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With their victory in the second edition of the War Robots World Championships, Medevdev had shown that Russia is still the number one country in the game. At the same time, they are the only country who has gotten two back-to-back first-place finishes in the game’s premier tournament, which firmly ascends their status towards becoming one of the best War Robot Squads of all time.

Getting $1 million in hard-cold cash, Medevdev gave $200,000 to the management and support staff of Polar Pro as their share for helping them getting the trophy behind the scenes and $200,000 to the organization itself for the improvement of their living and gaming conditions, as well as the general development of Russia’s younger WR gaming generation. Afterwards, he divided the money in such a way that each of them received $100,000, which will actually allow them to live an extremely comfortable life by the country’s standards of living.

In other words, their championship run became a dream come true for the Russian team, who has been together since the beta games of War Robots.

Going on to the Brazilian team, their calculus was much simpler: They gave back $50,000 to their sponsors who gave them food, accommodation and tickets along with pocket money to Manila; the sponsors have actually earned some $10,000 in this manner. Then, each of the members of QUE OTA received $75,000, which is a huge amount by Brazilian middle-class standards of living.

They have also became the Internet’s favorites for their vocal and emotional antics, something which did not escape the notice of social media as well as mech gaming sites such as Gosugamers, Dot Esports and Mech Spectrum, among others. The Brazilian team gained many fans in the process; thus expanding their renown all over the world.

Meanwhile, Silent Hill, the Lebanese team lead by Adeline “STRYKER” Yusop, has shown that gaming and gamers have no gender and that any gamer can fight on an equal footing. Their impressive performance has made mainstream international publications such as ESPN, The New York Times, and Business Insider get interviews from them, as they showed a very good example of how mixed-gender teams can work at the highest levels of a certain gaming discipline.

Of course, their semi-final money at $250,000 was not shabby at all. Not only did each player receive $30,000 for their efforts, but the remaining money was used in order to donate to underprivileged people as well as for the betterment of their gaming office.

Finally, everyone in the Philippine media talked about how a group of youngsters were able to show an amazing performance against the world’s best War Robots teams. Of course, the country’s culture is not new to these kinds of things as it has already produced world-class and even championship-winning teams in Dota 2, World of Tanks, Counter-Strike, Hearthstone and CrossFire Online.

Since they were already living together as real-life friends even before War Robots, they decided to get $35,000 for each member of the team, with $10,000 going to a public afterparty, $2,000 for dinners and hangouts with other friends and $22,000 to be used for the improvement of their living conditions in the gaming house.

At the same time, many people have noticed the country’s extremely effective performance in the game, even though it was their first time to compete on the big stage. Many have commented that the Philippines may become a War Robots powerhouse within the span of two-three years.

Everyone now was having a break from competitive War Robots, with some players even avoiding touching the game altogether. After all, ten months of playing War Robots extensively and on a professional level should be more than enough.

However, all of them also know that once the time comes, they’ll need to show their true strength…and conquer the worlds that they were not able to get on.

Just like the mech armies of sci-fi lore, they will come again, pounding their feet on the cold expanses of alien planets.

Then, they will raise the flag…and show the world who’s the best side in a game that never ends.

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