May 22, 2024
Cheating in War Robots: Here's another instance for you guys!
cheating in war robots

The issue of cheating in War Robots seems to never end as another case makes the mark this weekend.

We all know how lovely War Robots is. From the endless bugs, to the crazy business system, War Robots is indeed a masterpiece!

In this video provided by Abo Azoz, one can clearly see the crazy speeds that the top player is using in order to dominate the battlefield. Wow, much skill, much technique, much finesse. Just another day at the office: one cannot go down further than this, I guess.

Once again, here’s evidence of cheating in War Robots on high-definition. It seems that despite more than half a decade of existence and earning hundreds of millions of dollars in a single year, the developers of the game aren’t completely able to stamp out cheaters out of WR.

Abo Azoz has already reported the player in question (on this video) to the proper authorities. There was already one big-time incident that happened on MAXXIE’s channel – this one involved a S-clan…

Trust me, when you watch this video, you’re going to laugh, rage, and vomit all at the same time.

Anyways, please subscribe to Abo’s channel and help the community grow together.

Thank you for reading! Hoping that you enjoyed it!

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