April 19, 2024
Some thoughts on the clan system! Tune in within the next hour for longform content!

Before I go into anything else, let’s be frank about it – the new clan system is awesome. It finally classifies clans according to their match performance – and obviously, given the fact that most top clans have members that are in Champions League anyway (in addition to their fully maxed MK2 hangars), this gives everyone a better idea of the actual strength and skill of the teams involved.

With that being said, there is one thing that should be fixed about the system: Most of the time, members of random top clans (read: C and above) go into a party and demolish clan squads who are of a lower rank (read: anything lower than C), thus resulting in easy points for the former and a ton of misery for the latter.

Why not make the clan matchmaking in such a way that C-class clans only fight C-class ones and so on? This would actually improve the competitive experience of War Robots at a clan level.

In addition, some clan leaders want to have a proper player activity and rating contribution system (though for laid-back clans like mine, monitoring player activity/rating cont

Well, at least this new clan system is really good right now, considering the fact that it did not rile up many of the WR players who are based on social media and who are active on Reddit and in the forums.

Let’s hope it stays that way!

3 thoughts on “Clan Ranking System: Some Parting Thoughts

  1. DS, there 6 players in my clan who are active. But the leader is inactive so no new players can come in. They are still in the silver leagues and only two of us are in gold.

    Can we join your clan? Any clan you suggest for us in the Philippines?

    Last night was the first time I reach godlike, twice, with a Leo trident.

      1. thanks! i requested to join and posted in our clan of the group to join. once i find a clan for us, i will them to go. its a one shot thing to leave the clan because the leader is inactive; no coming back.

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