May 22, 2024
Well, people are complaining about Spectres and whatnot...let's not forget one of the hidden bosses of this metagame (in my opinion)...

Okay, so there was a time when Pixonic actually allowed players to use Bulwark Dragoons in Skirmish.

That was one Skirmish run I’ll never forget. The Bulwark Dragoon just wiped out everything in its path (despite the robot being level 10 and Dragoons being at level 10), thus ensuring that people will just have X million damage on the scoreboard, melting everything without a physical shield from miles away.

Now, imagine if the Bulwark Dragoon became prevalent in mainstream War Robots. Fortunately, everyone chooses to focus on Spectres and their weapons that they forget that this “dark horse” can own them on open maps such as Dreadnought, Yamantau and Canyon – unless they have good teammates or run in squads and take the robot down quickly.

Then, imagine having a whole hangar of them. The whole server would go toxic and accuse you of being a wallet warrior – especially before the advent of Workshop 2.0, the Bulwark was prohibitively expensive. Yes, it is still expensive as heck right now.

If you have read my Fury Dragoon experience, you would be able to see why I am writing about this particular setup. Surely, you would be doing less damage (3 heavy slots on the Fury versus two heavy slots on the Bulwark), but you would survive much, much longer (Scourges don’t do crap, energy weapons in general would become useless and it will take ages for Hydras to kill you!!!)

If people in Expert and Master League can survive with only a Fury Dragoon and do a heck of damage along the way…then imagine if one has the Bulwark and has the actual skill and guts to operate it in the field.

May God help you if you are the one facing this setup.

Oh, by the way, Bulwarks would seem to become the new tanks as the Damage Resistance table is about to come out pretty soon…just adding to the craziness of this robot and the Dragoon setup that comes with it.

Holy crap.


With that being said, I hope that the Bulwark Dragoon doesn’t become that prevalent. If Fury Dragoon is cancerous enough as a setup, then I won’t be able to imagine people’s reactions to the Bulwark Dragoon…

But then, your mileage may vary – after all, War Robots has a lot of maps on its collection and besides, you’ll need a lot of skill if you were to operate a Fury Dragoon at close quarters anyway!

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