April 19, 2024
Masters League? One-Shot Kills? Bad King of the Hill? If these sound familiar, read on!

After one year and three months of playing (granted that I spent one year of that period playing War Robots only for two hours a week), I finally reach the lower echelons of the Master League.

Now, for those who are unfamiliar with the history of War Robots, Masters League is the area between Expert and Champion. It is a significant milestone (akin to reaching Diamond) in the sense that one is already considered to be a skilled player if one reaches the said league (not everyone can reach Masters despite their hangars, trust me). At the same time, it is supposed to be one of the easiest leagues in the game: While one has to deal with Champions every 10 games or so, most of the time, one spends it through owning Expert and High Diamond.

But then, my experience in Masters League is anything but easy.

One-Shot Kill Games

In Expert you don’t have to deal with players who use Shocktrains and Scourges, as long as you keep yourself away (520-600 meters, 600 being the maximum range of the Dragoon). In addition, it is extremely easy to kill Hydra players as they usually use Griffins and Fujins, both of which are eaten by a Fury Dragoon for snacks while in the open.

Meanwhile, in Master, there’s no such thing as safety. Unless it is a map like Dreadnought, Canyon or Yamantau, every single player and their dog will hunt you like hell: Whether it is MK2 Hydras, two Spectres jumping into 500 meter range together to destroy your Fury with the now-ubiquitous Shocktrain or the classic Dash bots rushing at you like hell, life in mid-range wasn’t heaven that it used to be in Expert.

Also, players have the sense to leave one team member behind to guard their Hydra or mid-range carrier…which means that a good enemy will have a Spectre Orkan set waiting…On the other hand, a good team will also do the same for you, so that balances out everything I guess.

Idiots in King of the Hill

Leaving this here without comment.

For all the praise about players being skilled and whatnot, most players still don’t have any idea how to play the King of the Hill mode. This is already Masters, so curse the incompetents and the shitty players who score 0 and contribute to near-zero damage in this mode. In fact, I want to make a post where I show the idiocy of these players…

In King of the Hill, three fast players should contest the current beacon, two high-mobility and firepower robots should contest the next beacon…and someone should support them (yes, there’s still a need for tactics and damage in this mode) in order to gain the maximum advantage inside this game mode. For the teams who understand this, every single King of the Hill matchup is just another day for them to farm keys, silver, gold and honor points.

One more tip: Do not stand on the current beacon if it is located at home or near one’s home. Chances are that one needs to position properly to contest the next beacon…and if one does that, especially in a tight game, that will cost the entire match – and that is just very bad!!! Why do players throw away their brains when it comes to KotH?

For those who do not understand that one needs to actively think to win…It’s an absolute mess. There are times that despite me throwing all the efforts that I can in order to win…we still lose because of that one or two players who failed to understand the essence of the mode.

Spectres and Inquisitors Galore

Without the Fury Dragoon, it would have been almost impossible for me to wreck them like this. Just shows how prevalent the MR meta is right now…

Gone are the times when stealth was a rarity, as everyone who fights in Masters or Champions actually have these hangars (BEFORE YOU RAISE OUR PITCHFORKS, watch the VODs of the top clans playing a notice the pattern in which they play the below robots):

  • Pursuers – Gust
  • Spectres – Orkan, Taran, Tulumbas and Shocktrain
  • Bulgasari – Scourge typically, with the occasional Shocktrain and Orkan
  • Inquisitor – any flavor, usually Ember Taran

Haechi and Kumiho are still prevalent…but more of a second-class bot in these places, due to the following factors:

  • A Shocktrain can kill them both; also, Kumiho has low health despite high mobility
  • Same goes for the Scourge
  • A Spectre with decent skill can kill them both pretty handily
  • Food for Pursuers
  • Ember Taran is a beast too

Thankfully…Bulwark Dragoon is yet to be a thing. If only people realize how broken the setup is…

Overall Thoughts

Still, it’s somewhat fun to be in Masters League; from what I heard from fellow players, Champions League is one impossible place to live in.

So I’m grateful for the amount of freedom that I have right now, though with the loss of gold in the Black Market and whatnot…I would probably do more Six-Pack League than anything else.

Anyways, thanks for reading!


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