April 21, 2024
Thoughts on the new patch! Say your experiences out!

So, the new update came in and as usual, there’s the typical complaint, praise or oddball post about the said new patch.

With that being said, here are some of my live-match observations on the new update so far.

The Main Weapon: Bulwark Dragoon

With 4.3 coming, I decided to spend 4000+ gold on fasttracking a Level 4 Bulwark into a Level 9 one.

I already had two level 10 MK2 Dragoons on my Fury, so all I needed to do is to transfer them to the Bulwark. It’s just that great.

Fighting a New Patch

As expected, people started to appear with suppression robots, Lancelots and much more. After all, the new update has made sure that these robots would be reliable in terms of doing their roles in the battlefield.

With that being said, my hangar now consists of 1 Orkan Kumiho (9/10), 1 Haechi Taran (10/10), 1 Inquisitor Thunder Orkan (9/10), 1 Bulwark (9/MK2 10) and 1 Tarancilot (9/10).

One might wonder how in the world will this hangar work, but then if one realizes that it’s easy to get points from King of the Hill as long as one gets decent teammates, then everything else seems valid. Besides, Orkans are still deadly in the right hands…

My Bulwark Dragoon survives for 6-10 minutes (or up until the match ends in a quick win) at the moment. This is because the other team hasn’t realized yet that this build should be hunted as soon as possible and shouldn’t be left alive.

To be honest, on maps like Springfield, Canyon, Yamantau and Dreadnought, the matchup mostly turns into a point-and-click adventure.

The reason is that many of the players think that they are facing only a 9/9 Bulwark with 2 Dragoons. They don’t realize that the Dragoons are already at MK2…and even though if they knew about the buff to the Bulwark, they were yet to see it in the face.

So, for the most part, it’s easy to farm points, keys and silver…unless Pixonic decides to drop us into match which is full of the top clans.

Regardless, in this patch, the normal players have a chance to fight back. I saw that I could actually keep up with the damage volume of the reds (who are in a clan); that only teamwork, tactics and coordination actually allow them to win the game.

This is one of those times in recent War Robots history where the normal player has a better chance of winning even if they are facing a full-fledged clan.

With that being said, the patch has worked out for me so far.

As a matter of fact, I am collecting parts for two new Dragoons to place on my Fury, as well as collecting the gold and silver needed to fasttrack the setup.

That means I would have two mid-range setups (Fury Dragoon and Bulwark Dragoon), 1 Kumiho for KOTH, 1 Haechi Taran and 1 Tarancilot. Maybe I’ll use the Inquisitor, just a maybe, for the stealth shenanigans…


These are my experiences in Masters II so far: very few tankers, there are times when Pixonic does bad matchmaking and the playing field is diverse, at least for the moment.

I guess it’s a good patch to play in nowadays in War Robots!

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