April 19, 2024
Do you want to know what are the five bots in WR that will help you? Read more!

Many people want to have a chance at hanging on when it comes to the competitive aspect of War Robots.

Here are the the five bots in WR that you’ll need! They are a staple of today’s high level leagues – there are many others, of course; but let’s focus on these five for now.


leech wr

Whether you love it or you hate it, a skilled pilot who uses the cursed Leech usually turns the tide of a battle around. Imbue that with the necessary modules and pilots and you’ll see why the Leech is one of the most polarizing robots in the battlefield.

Not only does the Repulse link ability redirect damage to a target of your choice, it also turns the Leech into a living tank of sorts.

Do you want to get a good chance to win? Get the Leech and as long as you have decent piloting skills, you will never regret it.


five bots ravana wr

This is the new demon of War Robots.

Two Phase Shifts? Amazing firepower? Decent durability? This bot is built to last multiple attacks and approach opponents by taking the lowest amount of damage possible. Pick your choice: Storm (though apparently, they’ll nerf it soon); Corona or Cryo – prepare to collect the tears of your opponents once they find out that you are almost unkillable!

Two Phase Shifts plus Last Stand in the hands of a skilled pilot would ensure that you won’t even have a chance to think about your life choices. And if you think about it, this thing will get a big boost soon…

Among the five bots in WR, don’t be surprised if you hear battle reports where a player has survived one battle with this bot, similar to how the Dragoon was treated back in the day.

Ao Jun

five bots ao jun wr

There’s already enough material on the internet about this robot, but this flying dragon is one of the reasons why some players choose to equip Quantum Radar on their robots, instead of some other module like Phase Shift or Lockdown Ammo.

With the correct weapons, you can easily pop, shoot, make your enemies’ life miserable and repeat all over again.


five bots phantom wr

Okay, everyone actually loves this robot despite its overpowered Blink ability that does not only allow for teleports, but also reduce incoming damage by a good amount.

Durable, fast and deadly, you can use a Phantom to cap beacons, to flank your enemies and to do anything that you want on the battlefield.


five bots in wr loki

Yes, this bot is in this “five bots in WR” list. The presence of this bot is responsible for making many players ensure that they have a burst robot with Quantum Radar in order to deal with this pesky robot.

You can use all your weapons and run on stealth forever. As long as you don’t run in the open, you can make your enemies chase you all the way to Valhalla, while everyone in your team and their dogs cap beacons and shoot your pursuers in the back.

A deadly troll indeed.

Bonus: Arthur

arthur war robots

It’s got a shield, it’s got a death fart, it’s got good damage and it’s durable as hell.

For these reasons, it’s easily the best Titan among the three Titans that are out there at the moment. Ever tried damaging a high-leveled Arthur? You won’t even scratch its shield away.

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