April 19, 2024
Here is a scattered recollection - a stream of consciousness piece - for WR's 5th!
We always play for the win. Always.

Close your eyes.

You are transported to a lush forest, where birds are chirping and trees are standing still, as they did so for decades, even hundreds of years.

Then, you hear a shot. The next thing you see is that the forest disappears in a red conflagration…and that you see the shadow of a robot even as the ambers fly high into the sky, deep in a rage that is done in vain.

War Robots has been around for five years now. I joined the game back in June 2017, right at the peak of the Lancelot era and just before the start of the Dash era. Everyone knows what happened afterwards.

When I entered that Destrier in the first parts of the game, I felt like I was entering a journey. Imagine a battlefield, with projectiles, lasers and rockets coming towards you – you are inside a robot, a robot that may survive a story. What did I feel?

I felt nervous. I never thought that I’ll survive the mobile mech onslaught.

Then, I met new friends. I met a community that was ready to welcome newbies like me. I met Nova Rising, the clan that I’m in right now – a clan that opened its arms to relative newcomers like me.

Thus, I would forever be happy for that experience.

Personally, I am thankful to this game for allowing me to have many new gaming friends, as well as opening the door for more opportunities to express and share my content. It is, I think, one of the best experiences that I had in my gaming life since I was 10 or 11 – there are a couple more, of course – but since it is WR’s anniversary, I won’t digress.

This is why I think many people go to War Robots despite everything that has happened thus far: It’s where friends stay. It’s where personalities are made. It’s where ideas come to life.

Now, many robot sets and tropes have passed since the Lancelot era: From the Dash (Korean), to the Stealth and then the Supression bots, followed by the Pantheon, the Dragon and now the Ragnarok set of robots. Of course, before that, we had the Japanese and the American family of robots. THESE ARE TUMULTUOUS TIMES.

The face of the latest metagame.

In addition, many things have happened: Tankers, Rhinos, Gep Mags, Punishers and an age where one can publicly see race towards being the top pilot of the game. Many miss those days, I’m sure. I do so too. In fact, this is why I play Six-Pack League a lot: to show my appreciation for the past.

Sometimes, one may wonder what the endgame is for War Robots.

I know that many will not agree with me. I know that many of the veterans in this game will just dismiss this as a disjointed recollection.

For me, it’s all about our stories. Regardless of who we are inside the game, where we come from, and what are our convictions about the game; at the end of the day, it’s all about the tales that we make.

This is our story.

This is why, I believe, we are all going for the green message at the end of the game. This is why, I believe, we are going for the top spot in every game, win or lose. This is why we stand and fight.

War Robots is all about the tears, salt and sweat that we spend.

This is why we fight.

Congratulations on five years of mobile mech history, War Robots.

Here’s hoping to more – and better yet, better experiences in the coming years! Cheers – and see you all in the battlefield!

You are transported once again to a lush forest, where birds are chirping and trees are standing still, as they did so for decades, even hundreds of years.

The forest is alive.

You open your eyes.

It was not a dream, as you see the green message that appears on your screen.

Victory favors the bold.


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