April 19, 2024


Many ask how to win in this new mode by Pixonic.

First, it is a fact that the top three players of each match win. Second, it is also known that the matchmaking is completely random. Thirdly, due to the randomness of the matchmaker and the fact that everyone uses the same hangar, it can be safely asserted that the better player should always win 100%, unless the player does mistakes in the course of the match.

In addition, it should always be said that this is a competitive mode and that someone should LOSE.

Any competitive game should always have a fair number of winners and losers. Any prize pool should always favor the upper amount of the people who are joining (or in this case, the top 50%).

By introducing the Arena at 100 gold each, Pixonic ensures that only those who are willing enough to trust in their respective skills would enter the said game mode.

In a theoretical sense, the better player should always win.

This is what finally Pixonic is offering to everyone – albeit with a small paywall, WHICH SHOULD NOT BE A PROBLEM IF YOU HAVE THE ACTUAL SKILL. Thus far, I won four 1st places, one 3rd place and two 4th places…

Now, here’s the tale of the tape:

Mode: Arena
Type: Free-for-all, single hangar for all
Map: Shenzhen/Yamantau/other maps to come soon…

Here is the hangar

The Hangar

Vityaz: Two Gekkos and a Nashorn – best for long-range fights. Use it to deter enemies from going into open spaces. Nasty on Yamantau, as long as you keep your range and know which targets to destroy. Useful for nasty killsteals and finishing the enemy off.
Schutze: One Nashorn – a nostalgic robot. Useful for running and doing chip damage…On another notes, find the player that might have the worst score and let it kill you. Deny that important kill to your rivals in the number one spot.
GI Patton: Four Pinatas – Hmmm…how could you fight it at short range? Well, if you are using it, use cover to have the element of surprise. If you are against it, just stay away from it and destroy it from afar.
Rogatka: Two Tulumbas – Well, you could never go wrong with this setup. Harass the enemy…and do not go into open spaces. ALSO useful for slow and painful killsteals and finishing the enemy off.
Boa: One Thunder and one Orkan – Arguably the strongest robot in the lineup. Just hide the robot, surprise the rest of the crowd and score high with it!

General Tactics

A. Use cover. Use it to surprise the enemy, to take less damage, to hide one’s approach, to flee, to peek, to scan the enemy safely.
B. Dropping order is important. Know what the enemies are using and drop accordingly. Never go against a Boa one-on-one at ranges of 200 meters and below: YOU WILL LOSE, UNLESS YOU STARTED WITH THE SAME HEALTH OR HIGHER THAN THE BOA’S.
C. Know how to flee away and assess your surroundings. Make sure that when you kill, it’s a clean kill.
D. Watch your range and learn the speed limitations of your robot. Just remember: Rogatka has the highest mobility of them all.
E. Tempo. Tempo. Tempo. Set the pace of the fight by using unconventional drops. Most of the time, it will work. (Boa first drop, Rogatka first drop, etc.)
F. Cornershoot if you can.
G. Have fun!


1st place: 125 gold+140 power cells
2nd place: 50 gold+140 power cells
3rd place: 0 gold+140 power cells (break even)
4th place: 50 gold only is returned to you+140 power cells
5th place: 25 gold only is returned to you+140 power cells
6th place: 140 power cells

There you have it! Good luck and have fun…!!!

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