Lord Destrier: War Robots Diaries

Lord Destrier and his Rhino on Yamantau.
Even as I walk through the shadow of death, I shall know no fear!

Who is Lord Destrier?

Lord Destrier is an interesting character in War Robots. He is the one who is responsible for playing in Champions League with nothing but a bunch of MK2 Destriers – which are the robots that are used during the tutorial!

In an age where, having someone who plays these robots effectively at a high level is a legend.

Battle report with Lord Destrier

Yesterday, I had a match with him in Champions League on Yamantau – and we won against lots of Ares and Spectres!

First, we started by taking control of the central part of the map. Then, I supported their main advance with my trusty MK2 Bulwark Dragoon, which allowed Destrier and the rest of my teammates to survive long enough to have a distinct advantage.

From there on, we did not let go and we consolidated our advantage, killing as much as possible and controlling the ground!

As a result, we got this win! So sweet, right?

Hangar and Stats

Then, I looked at his hangar and saw the following robots:

In other words, this is our guy! As a result, it’s great to win with people like this and have some great teamwork along the way!

To sum it up, judging from the statistics, he got five kills, lots of damage and two beacons. Not bad for someone who plays old-school robots!

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