April 19, 2024
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Here are the latest headlines from the mobile mech world!

Here are the latest headlines from the mobile mech landscape!

Pixonic Extends Anniversary Event

War Robots will extend its 5th year anniversary event from May 15 to May 22.

The event will include an Arena weekend, daily token tasks and reduced upgrade requirements, along with the current Skirmish and token offers on their store as well.

This comes after the company asked its players on the official War Robots page whether they wanted an encore or not. Players reacted positively to the call, thus leading Pixonic to extend the event.

The prizes in the event include Eldritch Ares, Imperial Hades, Marquess, Blaze, Calamity, Fenrir, Loki, Tyr, all of their components, power cells and in-game gold.

Fenrir (a tank/assault bot), Loki (a stealth/harass bot) and Tyr (a healing/support bot) are introduced in this event.

Thus far, the event has proven to be popular with many players.

Djinnworks Introduces Big Update and Mode

Mech Battle is now officially a unique mobile mech game as it rolls out its big update patch earlier today.

The patch includes adjustments to homing weapons, two new maps and a completely unique Capture the Flag mode.

In addition, health bars were introduced, ability indicators were improved and in-game textures were refined. Players need to bring a neutral flag located in the middle of the map back to their base in order to gain points for their team.

Depending on the map, the team that gets three or five flags win.

While there were some bugs, developers say that they are currently working on a hotfix. They also revealed that more patches and features will be revealed soon.

As such, this makes Mech Battle one of the most progressive and unique mobile mech titles in the market today, with new features rolled out every two weeks or so.

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