June 15, 2024
Here are impressions on the Lunar Event!

So, finally, The Lunar Event is live and with this update, brings tears, salt, joy and grief to many War Robots players.

Let’s be clear: The Lunar Event is decent.

Not excellent in terms of the tasks and rewards involved, but just good enough not to drive players away.

Robots and Impressions

The only good thing so far about this event is that the Skirmish allowed players to see the new robots. Here are my impressions:

Ao Qin (Red) is a skirmisher that is best used to harass enemies with its four light slots. When flying, its weapons are increased to five as it activates a red beam that automatically seeks an enemy. In other words, the robot can potentially tag and poke towards two enemies at once.

Use the Ao Qin’s weapons, mobility and modules to get to the objective and snatch it under an enemy’s nose…while dealing significant amounts of damage along the way!

Meanwhile, Ao Quang (Green/Jade/What?) is a normal robot that has ridiculous high amount of armor once it is flying (think of it as a pseudo-Falcon when flying). At high levels, it is expected that the Green Dragon can just shrug all sources of damage when flying. In addition, it has a rocket launcher that can engage enemies (think of it again as a half-weapon slot that can automatically seek, tag and poke at other enemies). With three weapon slots, it is a decent medium robot.

Its vulnerable portion comes when it lands – as a result, it is best used to fly behind a wall. Fly, it enemies in sight, then drop down and hide until the cooldown is filled once again. Rinse and repeat.

Does the playstyle sound familiar to you?

Ao Jun (White/Gray/Whatever) is a heavy fighter that has stealth when flying around the battlefield, as well as a flamer that actually deals a decent amount of damage. Whatever works for the Dragoon and Falcon also works for this guy – but just be careful of Anti-Stealth Modules…

While flying, these robots can evade the Hellburner and Mercury to an extent. The only way to deal with these robots efficiently is through the use of long-range weapons, movable tank robots and intelligent play – kill them on the ground and you’ll find out that their HP is good as that of a paper dragon.

But then, they can use Last Stand to trade against you efficiently…

High Cost of the Event

Here we are again: You need to do a ton of events just to get 30 tokens (each envelope needs 6 tokens to open, with varying percentages to get to a certain reward. Obviously, the lowest rewards have the highest amounts of percentages…)

With this event, War Robots once again invites players to spend money on tokens to get them fast and to make players grind in order to have more.

This would only work if the company actually publishes the chances to get robots/components and to actually allow the game to work according to those percentages.

And here we thought that War Robots is going to turn the page and encourage casuals to play the game interactively for once…

Tasks so far are as follows: 30 hostile beacons for one chance to open at six tokens (takes at least ten games), killing 10 Ares robots for one-third of a chance to open (takes at least five games to be able to accomplish this in the normal scale of things).

Given that a normal match lasts for 7 minutes, a player should spend 105 minutes (1 hour and 45 minutes) to get 1.33 envelopes. The other tasks aren’t any better at all, but Pixonic should have placed better chances inside their red envelope in order to compensate for the variety of rewards (thus the recommendation of having 30 tokens to open five envelopes; one of them should give decent amounts of loot at the very least).

As usual, damage tasks, destroying enemy robots and getting 1st-3rd place are the easiest ones to do for any decent player out there – and are the most efficient to do.

Right now, players who rely on free tokens should have at least 14 of them and it would take three more days (at least) in order to get to 30.

In other words, getting those robots and/or weapons would require a good amount of time and effort. Then, one would have to solely rely on RNG to get the amount needed to win these rewards.


The event is just good enough, but at this point, it is clear that War Robots isn’t going to make things better. The only consolation that players have is that the event is quite playable…and with some players collaborating, these tasks could be done easier.

Good luck grinding in the event!

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