May 19, 2024
Is the new economy proving to be a bad decision for War Robots?

New economy, old economy, rehashed economy – to be frank, they are all one and the same thing.

I was never excited about the change, despite Pixonic’s assurances on their announcement article that they will try to introduce a dynamic economic system that can adjust supply and demand.

So, to make a long story short, this new one is quite the headache for many players. In exchange, this allows the metagame for War Robots to settle down for a longer period of time – though the benefits of all these changes (if there are any to start with) remains to be seen in theory.

But let’s be frank about this: It will hurt a lot of us who weren’t able to get new stuff before October 2. Tying it to the above statement, it is basically a practical nightmare for the typical WR player. To be fair to , it wasn’t easy to have the latest weapons back in the day, as one would have to spend a ton of time accumulating gold and silver to get the job done.

This particular change will frustrate the common player, as he or she would have to endure with inferior gear for a good amount of time. In turn, the paying customer would have the advantage – unless the player had anticipated that the metagame would go towards that way (and got the necessary robots and equipment before the new meta kicks in.)

What is the end effect of this?

Will players stop playing War Robots? Unless one has already invested a lot of time and effort in upgrading one’s account, many players would definitely leave the game at this rate.

This economic change comes with the fact that matchmaking has never been fixed properly – the author has just been clobbered by squads from the number one clan on Android despite the fact that he’s only at the lower levels of Master II. This does not count for the increasing number of bug exploiters, cheaters and low-lives who are starting to populate the game more.

Will the author leave WR?

Let’s be frank here, WR is still the place where many of my online friends play – and seeing that none of them are willing to relocate to another title, War Robots is still the place for me right now.

I have to say though that some of my enthusiasm has disappeared in recent times. Yes, sure, one can play a Lancelot on the live server, but how about all those other players who can’t even have a decent hangar of robots that can stand against anything that the meta can throw at them?

I’m not going to complain about “WR being a scam” and “WR being a stupid game,” for we all know that the game is yet to fix certain issues, such as graphics adjustment problems, the occasional first-person bug, flawed matchmaking (the concept is so bad that I can actually make a whole article based on this problem alone) and mechanic abuse, among other things.

All I want to see is that this game stays a very good game and for it to become more popular outside of the mobile mech community.

I do hope that Pixonic does indeed make a proper replacement for this nerfed economy.


This is actually another change that should have been thought out more carefully, as it adversely impacts the mechanics of the game.

With that being said, the final results of the change are yet to be seen, though there are players who have started to quit the game due to the repercussions of these changes.

Still, there is a chance that Pixonic can actually introduce – however, as time goes by, it seems that the company is going two steps forward and one step backward.

Hoping that this economic change does not destroy whatever enthusiasm players have for War Robots!

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  1. Some weapons in the workshop went from 15mins to 2hrs 58mins, some like Orkan, went from 1hr to 20 hours. It is terribly frustrating as I was looking forwards to equipping a Fury with Orkans and Gusts.

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