April 19, 2024
Here is a patchy analysis on War Robots 4.0!!!

So, the much-awaited 4.0 update is here…and it’s time to go through the changes and push out my takes on it!

  • Support Bots: Yay or Nay?

Finally, the “much-awaited” support bots have finally arrived to the live server.

Bad news? They’re component bots again…

However, the implications of having these support bots are clear: There’s more survivability for the softer robots out there…and the tankier robots might make a comeback, considering that there are robots already that can actively bring back their HP and add more utility to the battlefield.

Imagine a Raijin, joined with a Weyland, some Anciles, an Ember or something that will help you survive those stuff.

And imagine your pesky Spectres with the Mender…Legends never die, so they say?

  • Avenger and Chimera: What Will it Change?

Let’s go first to the tale of the type: An Avenger is a scaled-up version of a Punisher, while a Chimera is the Spiral and Hydra dialed up to 11.

While the Avenger may be useful in niche builds, the Chimera is actually viable in this metagame…especially against those pesky dashers, flyers, double jumpers and Spectres/Pursuers/Inquisitors who are out of stealth mode.

I really wonder what will happen to the soul who sees three Chimeras with level 12 MK2 and the Damage Booster: I’d bet that the enemy squad will cry out on social media or just tap out of the game altogether!

  • Rome: A New Way to Play?

Another win for the 600-meter crowd…too many open spaces, though the three beacons in the middle of the map provide places for maneuvering.

The thing is that if someone comes out of the woodwork, rest assured that it is going to be roasted by Scourges, Shocktrains and pretty much every weapon that requires a line of sight to operate.

Maybe if one operates a Britbot, it might survive…but then the Attack boosters ensure that it’s going to be toast quite fast.

  • Boosters: I Already Talked Too Much…

Here is the article…to quote though:


I did run five of them, and four of them were free, except for the Key Booster.

I’ll be a liar if I say that I didn’t enjoy my experience with these boosters, because I am sure that it helped me get 5 wins within the space of an hour. With that being said, everyone became squishier – thus your Carnages became paper tigers and even the physical shield guys became nothing but cannon fodder…and there has been an incentive for me to go for damage – after all, the higher the placing, the better the bonuses at the end of the match!

This pretty much confirms that the power creep has been extended to a higher level now. No power? Don’t even think of rising up leagues.
Personal Take

This is one of the craziest decisions that Pixonic has ever done in War Robots.

Sure, it’s cool to see boosters and consumables for robots in-game, but when you think about it in terms of the flawed matchmaking system and the fact that certain people will always choose to go down leagues regardless of the measures placed against them, this doesn’t seem to be a very good idea.

Regardless, with the fact that Pixonic is not going to pull this one back – unless they see compelling reasons to do so…and I don’t know actually where will the game go from this point on.

As for me, I’ll just grind the keys and the other stuff, get Silver, Gold and the non-component bots and weapons along the way…and diversify my hangar for 6PL.

Thankfully, Six-Pack League exists!

  • Clan Tasks: Incentives For Being in a Clan?

Clans will have an “incentive” for being a clan by giving a random booster charge per day for completing various tasks such as inflicting damage, going for beacons, getting kills, etc.

While it may be useful occasionally for the casual clan out there (especially if it’s a resource booster), let’s be clear and have no illusions about it: The winner of this feature would be the clans who spend a lot and who aim to go to the top with their powergaming hangars.

  • Balance Tweaks??

All the buffs and tweaks that Arbalest, Hellburner, Gust and Kang Dae received are great.

For the current metagame, the Gust is becoming a stronger option for robots who can carry them. For instance, a Pursuer with Gust can rip many of the robots in this metagame…after all, the Pursuer has a lot of stealth to start with!

Now, if they actually make the Thunder similar to Gust, then maybe we can have a more diverse metagame…Just a maybe.

In the Six-Pack League, it remains to be tested whether the Kang Dae would gain a place in the league. Maybe it can soften up non-Ancile targets from afar…and the fact that it has amazing accuracy makes it a situationally good option against Griffins and Rogatkas from afar (read: on big maps). Take note that it is just pure speculation at that point.

  • Shooktrain Bug Finally Fixed…Quite Late? Or Quite Useless?

Well, it took around a month for Pixonic to fix this horrible bug. If it happened back when the Shocktrain was the literal “one-shot kill” (OTK) laser beam, I’d bet that many players would have quit the game at that point.

Will it be helpful in the long run? With the fact that many energy weapons can give the notorious Shocktrain a run for its money, I don’t think that it will matter in a metagame where mobility, stealth and instant damage are common, especially in Expert League and higher.

  • Overall Thoughts

I just don’t know what to say. There’s no way non-spenders would get any of these new toys quickly…and well, there’s no need to talk about those who can spend for these new content, right?

Theoretically, it reduces the power creep…but in reality, by giving more options for the Spectre combos to survive, well, the new direction just becomes clearer for everyone to see.

But the Kang Dae looks nice in Six-Pack League, I might just try it!


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