April 19, 2024

In what could be considered as one of the biggest collaborations between all-Filipino clans in War Robots, the Philippine War Robots scene is about to handle their first-ever big-ticket national WR tournament.

The format will be held in Hangar-X, with clans allowed to have up to 36 players registered in the tournament.

The rules of the said tournament are yet to be finalized as negotiations between the different Filipino clans are still ongoing at the moment.

It is interesting to note that no all-Filipino clan has joined either the MK1 or MK2 International Tournament, as well as the Six-Pack Summer League, all of which are considered to be among the most prestigious War Robots tournaments in the world at the moment.

Blacklist from Asia won against Alliance from Eurasia in the MK1 category. Meanwhile, Scrap Yard Kings won against Team Korea in the MK2 category, with Hounds of Hades (composed of mixed top clans) and Nova Rising’s Drunkards being the top two teams in 6PL at the moment.

The prize pool for the tournament is yet to be announced as of press time.

1 thought on “Philippine WR Scene: War Robots Filipino Royale

  1. My 4 active clan mates are looking for a clan to accept us. We play almost everyday but the rest of the clan are no longer playing. We are gold and silver level only, f2p.

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