May 19, 2024

War Robots has rolled out its Pilot feature on the test server this week. This also means that a new era for the game is about to begin.

Here are the takeaways:

Hell yes.

How will pilots in War Robots work?

A. There are different tiers of pilots: Standard pilots can choose from any of the vanilla abilities that increase attack, defense, regeneration, resistance, module effect, ability power or weapons spread/reload time. There’s a lot of combinations to look for to be honest. As a byproduct of this system, War Robots has officially transformed from a third-person robot shooter game towards a third-person Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA).

With that being said, it will take players some time before they find the best combinations for the type of equipment that they will use with the robot. A pilot will learn abilities based on the weapons system THAT IS CURRENTLY EQUIPPED WITH THE ROBOT. There are chances to re-roll (retrain) abilities, though their cost is yet to be seen.

Legendary pilots afford certain abilities to certain robots, thus making them more powerful in one way or another.

Good enough in actual 6v6 games.

B. Pilots cost gold: Yes, gold is now the premium currency in War Robots. If you are confident enough to play Arena, do it while you can. You will definitely need all the gold that you will need in acquiring them as well as leveling them (and their abilities) up and probably re-rolling their abilities – though re-rolling may be free as well.

God help you if you see this one. Replace the Wonderworker with a defense ability…

C. Abilities are definitely strong for their cost. Did you ever dream of a glass cannon Ares 2.0? Did you ever dream of an unkillable Invader? Did you ever dream of a speedy Bulwark?

These pilots will definitely boost everyone’s capabilities and give War Robots another landscape. Needless to say, those who spend will see these dividends faster than the normal player.

By the way, the unkillable Invader is really hard to kill and destroy, especially if you have the right abilities and timing…

Ao Jun pilots would surely love this…

D. Pilots provide some lore: If you level them up high enough, they will tell you their story, as well as shed some light on the War Robots world!

Yes, that guy.

Now, what does this mean for War Robots?

It will change a lot of things game-wise. First, there will be more customization options for players. As a result, this will enable the creation of actual battlefield roles, apart from the typical “brawler” – “beacon capper” – “long-range” trifecta.

At the same time, the new pilot system will create a very harsh learning curve for many players, as they are forced to deal with different setups without the capability to be able to change their play on the fly. As such, people will actually play more conservatively – unless they are using a speed-based robot that can disrupt the enemy’s tempo. For those who have the money and/or gold to spend on pilots, this should not be an issue.

As such, my main recommendation is to assign roles to your robots right now, buy the necessary pilots and tailor them accordingly. There’s expense involved in every step of the way.

Secondarily, get as much gold as you can before the Pilot update drops. Load up on them – this will prove to be your sole advantage against those who are not ready for the update.

Hoping that you enjoyed this one! Thanks for reading and see you on the battlefield, Commander!

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