June 18, 2024
Here are some point-for-point reviews on the new patch, coming from the perspective of an Expert and Six-Pack player!

So, the new update is here and I am rather surprised at the way that Pixonic has approached this one. For my part, I have played a couple of games since the update and thus far, I really liked the Taran as well as the Kang Dae change.

  • New weapons: Shredder and Pulsar

The weapon that will reliably kill the Dash metagame is finally out, though how I wish that they have just integrated it into a module to make it a bit more accessible to everyone. Then again, it is available through the Chest system, so make that of what you will.

  • Kang Dae rebalance

Less range (from 1100 to 800 meters), less cooldown (from 14 to 6 seconds), and less damage (reduced by 35% to 5570 per shot at level 6). I guess that it could be a different and fun way of approaching matchups in 6-pack?

  • Leo visual update

Hell no, this is one hell of a visual update that should have never, ever happened. I felt that the Leo was more manly, but then again, Pixonic clearly wanted to keep up with the Joneses on this one.

  • Updated Black Market chances

Some copy-paste and some comments:

Bronze Chest

  • Out: 15000 Ag, Tulumbas (WHY NO TULUMBAS? USEFUL FOR 58000 Ag and/or 6PL RDB builds…and maybe even in main matches)
  • In: Black Market Keys Booster (15 min), Robot Speed Booster (1 day) = I’ve got to like those…if I can get them. The Keys Booster is most especially strong if available.

Silver Chest

  • Out: 150000 Ag, 50 Au (Resources were always useful, especially when you think in terms of Six-Pack League.)
  • In: 75% Honor Points Booster (30 min), HP Booster (2 hrs), 250 Pulsar Components, 250 Shredder Components (This proves that you’ve got to play to actually be able to get them now, I thought that War Robots was not supposed to be a grind fest? Or is it that I am late to get the memo?)

Gold Chest

  • Out: 75000 Royale Tokens, 600 Au (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO PIXONIC, why did you remove both of these, they could have been used to fund many other endeavors in War Robots!)
  • In: 60% Ag Booster (1 hrs), Damage Booster (5 days), 2000 Pulsar Components, 2000 Shredder Components (More of the same, though I am happy that the weapons are actually made available through the chest in these quantities for once. Other than that, I am sad that the “out” stuff were rather heavy)

Super Chest

  • In: 5000 Pulsar Components, 5000 Shredder Components

Lucky is the person who is going to get these components. I guess there’s a good reason now to go and aim for the Super Chest!

  • Bugfixes for Magnum, Taran, Redeemer, Weyland and others

This is the best thing in this patch to be honest. It is worth half or even two-thirds of this entire read. Let’s go from one item to another.

  • Magnum:

Assuming that the weapon has also the same general problem with its bigger brothers, it would help in actually making Magnums a bit more viable when considering plasma builds. But then again, the Magnum’s DPS is quite slow, so let’s see what is going to happen next.

Personally, I am happy that my PDB would be able to do more damage, both in the main matchmaking servers as well as 6PL. Time for more plasma for me!

  • Taran:

This is a big game-breaker in Six-Pack League, as experienced plasma users will finally reap the rewards of good aim, good firing skills and good positioning, for every shot that they make will finally go through. This means that it is easier to break do

At the higher levels of the game, this brings back Taran users towards slightly more equal ground (there is a Taran user who just won the recently concluded WR International Championship at MK2, no less) and would make the plasma family great again.

After all, regardless of the level of play, a sufficiently-leveled Taran build packs a punch and is quick to melt down robots (even before the update); with this one, expect more people to be converted to the Plasma Club!

If you ask me, this is the best change that has happened in quite a long time, as I can finally play with more Taran builds in the best way possible!

  • Redeemer:

With this patch fix, it is hoped that the numerous problems that used to plague this weapon (i.e. damage not registering, too cumbersome to use, etc.) will finally go away and that the weapon will be able to shine in the role that was originally intended – to be a heavy version of the Taran.

Especially the zero register part.

  • Weyland

0 HP Bug is quite notorious. Hahahaha!

Imagine carrying two Dragoons and being invulnerable to all sorts of damage. Welcome to the point-and-click mecha adventure brought to you by Mother Russia!

This was a much-needed fix as being an immortal inside the game pretty much defeats the purpose of playing War Robots, so I am happy that they have removed this bug on the next possible update that they could provide.

  • Optimization tweaks

Less lag, less crashes, less load on RAM and better responses should be the name of this update. I have tried playing the new update on my phone and thus far, it has worked out a bit.

Overall Thoughts

This is another crazy patch to be honest. Very crazy, as a matter of fact.

At least with this one, they got a number of the basic things just right.

Yet, I don’t want to even start making opinions on the new Black Market as well as the way that they are pushing out updates and new content.

New content every six months is nice as it allows different metagames and counters to flourish before it changes. Now, there’s nothing of the sort, it’s just smoke and mirrors and fire and all that jazz.

I am also aware that there are still many things to be touched upon, so maybe that’s for some other time, I guess! After all, War Robots seems to be moving too fast nowadays…

It’s just too much to be honest…and this is putting it nicely.

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