April 19, 2024
People use terms such as nerf and buff in abandon - here'sa quick guide for you folks!

Well, quite a number of people have been asking about various terms that are generally used in games. Without further ado, here’s a quick primer to some of them:

OP (short for overpowered): Too powerful than what is nominally expected from a game element (robot/weapon/module). Also refers to stuff that do not have hard counters – which should not be the case in a perfectly and correctly balanced game. Examples are the Shocktrain, the early Spectre and the early Hellburners, among others. Yes, YOU DO NOT JUST USE THE WORD ON EVERYTHING THAT YOU SEE ON THE FIELD.

Buff: Originally meaning “to polish”, it has turned into a gaming term in which the strength and status of a certain game element is increased. In the case of mobile mech games such as War Robots, Mech Battle and others, it means to add strength to weapons, robots and/or abilities. In other words, those who are lucky enough to have them in their storage/inventory is going to prostrate to God and send prayers of thanks.

Nerf: According to Urban Dictionary, nerf is “to weaken or make less dangerous. Taken from the “Nerf” brand name, which makes sports equipment toys out of soft foam (e.g., the Nerf football is soft foam rather than the hard leather of a real football). It is used frequently in the context of computer game balance changes.” In other words, this is your main reason why you sell your weapons and robots – or keep them in the garage until the developers buff them again. Also, in the case of some companies, they don’t nerf things unless they prove to be overused – or in the case of those who like to grab money, already done with selling a certain game feature or weapon.

(to) Gank (up): You keep on saying team up. Well, here’s the actual term – YOU are GANKING a player. Urban Dictionary defines it as follows: “It is a word commonly used in online video games, usually used in an MMORPG. Ganking is the process in which a group of characters gang up on one or more players that do not have a chance to defend themselves, or when one high level player does the same action to a player way below his or her own level.” Who does this? Everyone in FFA (or LMS if you are a Mech Battle player, Deathmatch if you play WWR) and your friendly neighborhood S-ranked clan as well on live servers! Yay!

Rework: Steemit.com defines it as follows: “Rework means reworking again or rework. Rework in the game is usually present on every patch, and rework is done for item, gear, or character.” Changing colors, abilities, weapons hardpoints, or the model of the robot is considered to be a rework. Remember the Leo, Griffin and Boa? That’s what happened to them basically. Expect more reworks in the future – as a matter of fact, the Schutze is undergoing one such rework right now!

Hoping that this short, sweet guide proves to be helpful to you mobile mech players out there. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed doing so!

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