February 22, 2024
In this article, we will see the best robots of War Robots in the Ragnarok WR Era in terms of impact!

The Ragnarok WR Era: While many people would rate the top five in terms of their utility and power on the battlefield, this list shows the robots that can change the tide of a typical match in the game.

In this article, we will see the best robots of War Robots in the Ragnarok WR Era in terms of impact!

Invader Top 5 Robot Ragnarok Era

The Invader Train

To start with, the Invader is still ridiculously strong for a medium robot that is supposed to have only two light hardpoints and one medium hardpoint.

We already know this guy and the inevitable pain train that comes with it. Everyone knows how it soaks up damage. Everyone knows how to count five seconds after it drops into the group. Everyone knows its fully-maxed Last Stand module.

Remember the thing about the Invader being one half of the “Ares Kill Squad”? Now people just run them in waves of twos and threes, with their resistance and high HP being able to handle high amounts of damage from the enemy side.

Sometimes, they just run the entire train to be honest – and those who don’t know how to deal with this strategy get destroyed within the first few minutes of a match; after all, the Invader has lots of HP and some sort of resistance to boot, as well as doing some decent damage.

This train is old yet gold.

Falcon Top 4 Robot

The New Falcon Express

This is followed by the the Falcon is a great utility robot with good mobility and harassment skills by virtue of its Traditionalist skill. When you get a Falcon, you don’t go for the damage.

You go for the HP. Couple it with the innate resistance of the robot, and you’ll see why quite a few players have been attempting to run the Falcon train to devastating effect; the end game is pretty much similar to the Invader train, albeit with only one heavy weapons point being used…

Fenrir Top 3 Robot

The Only Norse Train

Then comes the Fenrir, which is finally rising up the ranks thanks to the gradual movement of the War Robots metagame. This is the literal representative of the Ragnarok WR Era.

Do not get shocked if you see the Fenrir train go wild. This time around, it has an Aegis shield, a colossal amount of HP and crazy amounts of utility. One well-leveled Fenrir is already a headache for the opposing team; imagine a full squad of Fenrir bots marching down the street, with one to two Blitzes providing the supporting cast in terms of capturing the early beacons.

You will see it soon…

Ao Jun Top 2 Robot Ragnarok Era

The Angels of Cancer: Ao Jun

Afterwards, here is the much-loved Ao Jun, which is of course mostly well-liked in the house due to its flying shenanigans, stealth mode, DOT flamethrower and the ability to house two.

You wanted a flying Carnage – Bulwark – something something? Then this one’s for you!

Seriously though, the Ao Jun is one of the strongest robots in the metagame today, and is just going to be stronger as soon as the scheduled nerfs for the Ares come into play.

This thing still applies… with its heavy-damage flames that have ridiculous amounts of DoT procs, combining it with Redeemers, Embers or Avengers have proved to be the bane of every robot out there.

You can use every module on the house and get maximum mileage from this robot. It can kill many robots in the open and force everyone else to hide while it is flying…and in order to do more damage, it just has to repeat it all over again. Rinse. Repeat. Sounds familiar?

When it needs to attack, it can do so, killing one or two while flying then being able to kill one more before being smashed to pieces by its more jealous enemy counterparts, who envy his ability to fly…

He will be the next top guy on the WR food chain, unless Pixonic does a couple of big, surprising moves!

Ares Top 1 Robot Ragnarok Era

The Deity Who Stays: Ares

Finally comes the talk of the town, the god of war: Ares.

We all know what the Ares, so there’s no need to introduce the damn thing.

Ares may be nerfed soon, but the fact that the metagame is currently revolving around him shows how broken he is.

We said that he is the king of them all. He is the robot that is kept in twos, threes, fours and even fives inside a hangar. We also said that he is the one, true “God” of war.

I do not need to say that players get millions of points in damage and tons of kills when this thing is used properly. Multiply their number in the field and the game becomes nothing but a light show of blue, white, yellow, pink and purple as they choo-choo their way towards their near-inevitable victory.


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