May 19, 2024
Why should you play Six-Pack League (6PL) in War Robots? How does it improve your overall game? What are the enjoyable aspects of it? Read here!
Six-Pack League: One of the most popular maps in 6PL play is this one. :)

Without further ado, here are the reasons why you should play Six-Pack League:

You avoid the OTK metagame

Who isn’t tired of the Leech and Titan metagame? Who isn’t tired of the one-shot kill team/full-stealth/all-Ao Jun squad and the rest of the gang?

Want to play old-school robots and weapons without the fear of being gang-banged by MK2 hangars? Want to play solo without being destroyed by tankers, full clans, griefers, and faders? Want to show to the people of WR how good your theoretical hangar is?

If you say “yes” these questions, then 6PL is for you!

You can play the styles you want in Six-Pack League

While many people gravitate towards brawling or beacon capping due to their previous experiences in the game, there is definitely room for snipers, mid-range players, utility players and tanks out in this league! Heck, some teams even rotate their playstyle and tactics round the presence of these players – especially if they are ridiculously good in the department that they play in!

Don’t you want to become the star of your team for once? Play 6PL now!

You get to memorize the maps

From old goodies such as Springfield and Dead City, to new novelties such as Dreadnought and Rome, the Six-Pack League allows you to play through most, if not all of those maps and learn their nooks and crannies!

This translates usually to a better understanding of the map infrastructure, which can be useful in the main server as well as organized clan play.

You become flexible as a player in Six-Pack League

Since not all teams play 6v6 (one mistake that I did was to always fit my hangar for 5v5 or 6v6, when in fact, they tend to play 4v4), you are forced to learn how to make decisions in terms of creating a solid hangar for your team. That improves your overall game sense!

You meet new people in Six-Pack League

This is one of the things that I like best about the Six-Pack League: Outside of the game, you find new people online who might share a similar hobby, talk about WR, anime, miniatures, life, you name it!

I am just hoping that I can actually meet my clan mates in person real soon!

You get to know the greater War Robots community

As per my teammate, WR has allowed clans to mesh with each other and also created more interactivity among the different sectors of the WR community (top clans, new players, national leaders, etc.)

Finally, you can show off your true skills, without worrying about F2P, P2W, and all that stuff!

Want to go mano-a-mano? Want to be considered as an up-and-coming player of the War Robots community? Want to be known as someone who has actual skill, without the need to rely on burst weaponry and mobility robots?

Come and sign up now!

So, what are you waiting for, play 6PL now! Here are the links to the official servers on Discord and the forums, as well as on Facebook – and a preview of the Six-Pack league experience:

Official 6-Pack League Discord Channel
Official Fight Night Channel
Six-Pack League Channel on the WR Forums

Six-Pack League on Facebook

Six-Pack League Preview

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