April 19, 2024
Here is a quick post on the upcoming Six-Pack Summer League!!!

The inaugural edition of the Six-Pack Summer League (6PL) will start later this July 9, Monday.

The said tourney will feature more than a dozen teams from all over the world, with players coming from different clans and leagues.

The new format will come in the form of two stages, namely a modified Swiss system for the group stage and a standard best-of-five single elimination system for the knockout stage. A comprehensive system of tiebreakers has been put in place in order to facilitate the quicker progression of the tournament.

According to the organizers, the group stage of the tournament will last for four to five weeks, followed by a quick playoffs phase.

This is just an example of a Six-Pack Hangar. A typical hangar has one Rog, three Lancelots and one Griffin.

Registrations are still open until 23:59, July 8, EST.

The Six-Pack League is considered to be one of the biggest competitive leagues in War Robots, with hundreds of players competing in different teams per season.

Hounds of Hades has been the champions of the previous season, with Drunkards from Nova Rising coming in at a close second. Meanwhile, Thanatos carries the most number of championship so far.

If you want to register or find a team, come to the official Six-Pack Discord account!!!

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