May 22, 2024
Six-Pack League short notes! Have a read!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written stuff about War Robots. Thus, I do hope that you bear with me as I write this thing.

At the start of the fall league, our clan’s leadership (i.e. Nova Rising) decided to merge two teams (i.e. the Drunkards, which is the main team of the clan…and the Bartenders, which is the team that I am in and is considered the academy team.)

Going forward, I wondered how would I be able to fit inside the new team, which is simply called THE DRUNKARDS. As it turns out, I would be called to games that have a five-on-five or six-on-six setting, due to the nature of my hangar.

In addition, it was the first time that I became a substitute in a team, so it actually affected my motivation a little bit. Still, I tried to appear during practice sessions, despite the fact that I have a hard time attending them (people set them at 5 pm UTC, which is like 1 am local time).

As for my games, I played two practice matches and two official matches, losing two and winning two with a hangar of four Lancelots (Tarancilots and Orkancilots) and one Zury. I guess I played well despite spending only a few hours in the game.

In the end, becoming a part of a team that wins third place in the Six-Pack League is always a big thing for me.

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