May 19, 2024
Now, the WiFi connection is back...and this means time to go full force!
Yes, this is how the writing place looks like. Everything starts in a dark corner…

Here is something that I wanted to share to you guys:

Though I wanted this blog to post consistently during weekdays (and even during weekends), the fact that my house didn’t have a stable WiFi connection meant that I wasn’t able to post a lot of fiction and non-fiction on the blog.

Also? Less research time. To be honest, life also caught up with me, so I’m just taking these few weeks to relax before more hectic times come up once again on my radar.

Now that it’s back, it also means that I’m back too!!!

Guys, I’m not the kind of person who shoves links on your faces, but it would be greatly appreciated if you liked the blog’s Facebook page!!! This will help a lot!

Also, if it’s not too much, you can subscribe to my blog:

Expect more stuff on the following:

  • War Robots (fiction and non-fiction)
  • Other Mech Titles
  • Mobile Games
  • Esports (especially Philippine and Mindanao CS:GO)
  • Bits of creative writing
  • Blogs on teaching
  • Travelogues (if possible)
  • Other stuff

Hope that you keep reading this site and that you have enjoyed reading most, if not all the content on it!

Thanks for reading…and spread the love to your friends!

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