June 18, 2024
Welcome to a new age.

Once upon a time, people said that reaching Expert League in War Robots is one of the most exhilarating feelings that a player can get during the course of one’s in-game journey.

After all, Expert is just two classes (and/or six ranks away) from the coveted Champions League, where all the big boys roll with their majestic robots and spanky new weapons.

I never realized that it was going to be one hell of a bloodbath.

Expert III started relatively tame. Many of the vanilla bots (Leo, Patton, etc.) are still in-game, though people are already sporting new bots and weapons (Hover, Inquisitor, etc.)

Of course, the occasional MK2 setup or the toxic Scourge/Shocktrain/Dragoon combo may be spotted every once in a while, but other than that, it was still alright.

After registering a whopping 70% win rate on my hangar, I went into Expert II.


  • 9/10 Taran Haechi
  • 9/10 Tarancilot
  • 9/10 Thunder Pinata Leo
  • 9/10 Thunder Magnum Leo
  • 9/9 Death Button Griffin

As you can imagine, I only have one dash bot in my current lineup, as well as one Lancelot and three vanilla setups (though the DB Griffin has always been savage, regardless of the presence of Dash bots or not).

Hell started in Expert II.

Everyone was just using Spectres, Bulgasaris, Kumihos, Haechis, Hovers, and God-knows-what-else.

In addition, quite a number were already using MK12 equipment…which is a bad sign if you have a similar hangar like the one that I have above.

Whenever I lose, I lose badly.

Play smart? Oh, if your teammates don’t do the same, guaranteed lose.

Whenever I win, I win by the smallest of margins – typically the bottom three of the charts. On a blessed day, I can go up to the top of the rankings, but then that’s just something like one out of eight maps.

It was a nightmare.

Someone indeed dialed up the grimdark meter to 11 in a world called WAR ROBOTS.

As for the learning portion of it, I realized that I should play smart, play on my range and just use the strengths of my bots to the best of my capability.

That meant paying attention to my surroundings – as a well-placed enemy Kumiho, Pursuer or Strider is sure to screw my life.

It also meant that I needed to play with my teammates and help them maximize their strengths.

That’s the way to play with an underpowered hangar.

If anyone thinks that I don’t have those OP weapons and bots, I do. I have earned them through contests, sweat and blood.

To prove the point, I actually have two Dragoon MK2s in my backyard, ready to be placed on a Fury. Real soon.

If I want to actually have a chance of beating the OP Masters in their own ballgame, then I should use all the weapons and means at my disposal.

I didn’t want to use the Dragoons just yet, but seeing that everyone and their dog is just sporting them in my poor face, I think it’s time to unleash the hounds on the battlefield.

And oh, didn’t I mention that I could easily get two more Zeus weapons and give them hell?

But for the most part, I feel that I can always improve my gameplay.

I feel very good when I find out that I have beat those pesky Master players (and possibly tankers) with nothing but a bunch of outdated robots.

I think that’s the ultimate definition of victory: To win in style, no matter how ugly or stacked the odds are against you.

That’s all from me regarding life in the crazy and shooty Expert League!

I am looking forward to write a new fan fiction series soon.

For those curious, here are the three fanfics that I wrote about War Robots:

Hope you enjoyed reading!

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