May 19, 2024
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State of War Robots

The state of War Robots has never been as polarizing as ever. There is a lot of content being produced by Pixonic for the game, which ensures that avid players of the game have a lot to watch out for.

On the other hand, a lot of ridiculously overpowered content has dominated the game ever since the dawn of the Korean bot era. This ensured that a lot of the game’s old players have moved on to other relatively competitive mobile games out there.

Let us have the Hawk as an example. Yes, it is cool; yes, it has a strong ability; yes, it can fly. It can wreck the Falcon, Fenrir, Blitz, Leech, Ming, and Kid – and it can destroy everything else on the battlefield.

It is cool and all until you realize that there are 30 of them on the battlefield. Do you want to spend your precious time fighting that impassable wall? Or do you want to spend your limited gaming time towards having a possibility of a relatively fair match?

While it works for the company’s bottom line, the fact that the developers of War Robots aren’t careful in balancing every element of the game ensures that the metagame is unbalanced. Everyone saw this with the Ares, Leech, Ao Jun, and every single other item that came out with this game.

To be fair, it is not entirely Pixonic’s fault why this unbalanced metagame exists. Since players want to win and stay at the top of their respective leagues (and/or keep their clan reputations intact), they all buy the top-of-the-line gear no matter the cost.

In my humble opinion, there are two possible solutions to this impasse. First, the cost of the most powerful item/bot/weapon in the game should be raised to a point in which it could be rare enough to see on the battlefield.

Many casual players aren’t irritated by high-powered items; they all exist in video games anyway. They are angry at the fact that the game’s power creep is taken to the extreme, to the point that it is being shoved in their faces.

As an alternative, the company can choose a couple of items/bots/weapons to push for the meta and sell it to the players. This will ensure that the “flavor-of-the-month” policy will still be followed and that players will buy if they want to be competitive in that particular metagame.

In other words, just give the typical player of War Robots the chance to be able to enjoy a competitive match.

Second, and this is already unlikely, considering the company’s stance towards suggestions of this kind, is to limit the amount of the same bot that a player can field.

Some say that it should be one per account; others say it should be two. I will take it to the extreme and make it three; however, the remaining two bots should be totally different. This will allow the company to get its profits while still giving the rest of the WR population a bit of a fighting chance.

This will force players to adopt different strategies against their top-level rivals…and to once again give a sense of diversity in a game that is supposed to be known as the premier mobile mech title of its kind. Once again, it gives the typical player of War Robots a slight opportunity to have a proper game.

The state of War Robots will always remain polarizing, as long as there is no action taken to improve the state of the game.

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Earl Carlo Guevarra, 27 and a proud Zamboangueño, is a teacher of English based in the heart of Manila. When he’s not teaching children the fundamentals of grammar, he writes essays and poems, many of which have been published locally and internationally. He also loves fruit shakes and video games.

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1 thought on “State of War Robots: Limit the Hawk, Make it Fair for All!

  1. Well said! The Hawk w/pilot skills is ridiculous plus really five on the same playing field at the start of the game. If I owned one it would have all ready been nerfed the next day. Like Hellburner was the next day after purchase.

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