Table of Contents for Dead City: A War Robots Fan Fiction Novella


In the foreseeable future, War Robots becomes one of the world’s top competitive mobile game titles, being played widely around the world.

Captain Nikolai Medevdev, the team leader of Russia’s finest War Robots team, called “Polar Pro”, is aiming to get another world championship after winning the previous one a year ago. Meanwhile, he and his team have to face the world’s best and up-and-coming teams along the way.

Will they be victorious? Or will they fail to make another mark in history?

1.1: Dead City

1.2: Getting Underway

1.3: End of the Dead

1.4: One Last Hoorah

2.1: A Break From The Stands

2.2: Weighing Options

3.1: One Chance to Prove One’s Worth

3.2: The Road to Victory

3.3: Explanations for Beginners

3.4: The Day That Ended the Land of the Morning Calm

4.1: The War in the North

4.2: The Bloodletting

4.3: The Comeback

4.4: Expecting New Blood

5.1: Jalapeno Showdown

5.2: Short Wars

6.1: The Juniors Meet The Seniors

6.2: Shocking Uprising

6.3: Securing the Foundations of a Dynasty

6.4: One Dynasty Reaches its Peak, Another Begins

7.1: Miracle in Taguig

7.2: A Surging Tide

7.3: Road to the Finals

8.1: The End of the Road

8.2: Brazilian Dance

8.3: The Effects of Russian Vodka

8.4: Endgame

9.1: Finalities

9.2: Aftermath

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