April 19, 2024
Here are the five most impactful robots that come from the pre-Ragnarok era, AKA NOW!

While many people would rate the top five in terms of their utility and power on the battlefield, this list shows the robots that can change the tide of a typical match in War Robots.

Without further ado, here are the five most impactful robots of WR in this era!


Master of utility, master of hardshell gaming, this three-heavy hardpoint robot is a beast with Avengers, Dragoons, Tridents and whatever else you can find that fits the robot. With its ridiculously high endurance, the robot has been used as a first-wave beacon capper, as a brawler and as a long-range harasser. You’ll never go wrong with it.

While it can be argued that the Pursuer should replace this robot in this list, the fact that players have at least someone who has Quantum Radar equipped at any point of a typical WR game should be reason enough to make players prefer playing with this robot instead.

Equipped with the proper passive and active modules, this thing can wreck robots and defend against counter-attacks with ease.

It can be dropped at any time of the game and still provide your team with the momentum swing it needs in order to close out or come back into the match.


Despite the initial nerfs, the Hellburner remains as one of the most versatile and suicidal options in the new-generation War Robots arsenal.

You want to have AoE damage and fast beacon capping on the pronto? Use your Ecu-Ancile Hellburner to get there before anyone else does! You want to send a nasty surprise towards the enemy backline? Call the Hellburner now!

Active modules like Last Stand and the default self-repair kit are very effective on this robot right now.

This is the ultimate tempo-setter and tempo-buster in the game. No wonder there was a time when all the S-ranked clans stuck with waves of these robots back in the day…


Everyone knows this guy. Everyone knows how it soaks up damage. Everyone knows how to count five seconds after it drops into the group. Everyone knows its fully-maxed Last Stand module.

Despite the nerfs, the Invader is still a scary arsenal in the right hands. It is one half of the “Ares Kill Squad”, with Mercury being the other. The energy shotguns will lock down people from far away, while equipping it with normal shotguns will give everyone a bad day at the office. Another setup includes using a Scourge, a Halo and a Gust just to give enemies another afterthought…

It is very common to see these robots jump into the middle of the enemy, destroy one or two, suppress everyone else in order to the rest of the team to clean them up and survive a bit more, only to do it all over again.

As such, they are fun…and are almost cancerous. But not quite…

Ao Jun

We all love seeing flying robots and we love something that acts like a dragon. We also love stealth and the concept of being a deity on the battlefield.

This is what the Ao Jun offers. This is also why the Ao Jun is cancerous in its right.

While it is a peasant while on the ground (it’s just a Carnage without the energy shield), it can give your life a new phobia when it soars up to the sky.

With its heavy-damage flames that have ridiculous amounts of DoT procs, combining it with Redeemers, Embers or Avengers have proved to be the bane of every robot out there.

Use every module except for Battle Born out there and you will see maximum mileage from this robot. It can kill many robots in the open and force everyone else to hide while its flying…and in order to do more damage, it just has to repeat it all over again.

When it needs to attack, it can do so, killing one or two while flying then being able to kill one more before being smashed to pieces by its more jealous enemy counterparts, who envy his ability to fly…

This would have been the top impactful robot in the list if not for the fact that the Ares exists.


The king of them all. The robot that is kept in twos, threes, fours and even fives inside a hangar. The one, true “God” of war. The cancer of them all.

I do not need to say that players get millions of points in damage and tons of kills when this thing is used properly. Multiply their number in the field and the game becomes nothing but a light show of blue, white, yellow, pink and purple as they choo-choo their way towards their near-inevitable victory.

It is also prevalent in the field, as every game is sure to feature one or more of these bastards. Laugh in their faces as you lock them down and make them throw away their phones, thanks to the sheer firepower that Retribution offers.

Proclaim their deaths throughout the stars as you march with the speed of a Honda Civic sedan while dishing out damage as you would distribute candies on your birthday.

For all intents and purposes, the Ares is indeed…impactful.

1 thought on “The Most Impactful 5 Robots of WR Today: Pre-Ragnarok Era

  1. Personally I’m a huge fan of the Raven because of the unique number of build possibilities. Right now I’m using as support from 600 meters. The pulsar/marquess option works well and I annoy the shit out of reds. Plus nobody uses him in champion. He never leaves my hangar. Falcon my 2nd favorite as I was a huge fan in the beginning, when he ran 2 mediums.

    Ps. Hate Aries

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