May 19, 2024
Who are the challengers to the War Robots dynasty? Let's find out here!

The War Robots dynasty stays strong, even as games like Battle of Titans and Robot Warfare make their slow entrance into the “mobile mech” genre.

However, if these games unlock their full potential (in terms of marketing, gameplay, etc.) there are many challengers that can actually give War Robots a run for its money.

Without further ado, here are the following:

Robokrieg: Stable, yet Unappreciated

Robokrieg is a mech game where three factions fight for supremacy of the galaxy. As a result, most of the maps happen under a starry, starry sky, and there are teleporters that allow players to go from one side to another. In other words, this is a game title that emphasizes movement and economy of fire.

Mobility and firepower is a big thing in this game, as one would be able to win games outright if the robots that one uses can fire fast, dish out large amounts of damage and move fast – thus, the concept of using “tanks” doesn’t really exist in this game…especially as far as lower levels are concerned.

It’s a shame that the company didn’t spend more time to develop the game further and market it to the crowd. As a result, the game doesn’t have too many players, even though it is a solid game in its current state.

Mech Wars: Untested, yet Gamebreaking

Mech Wars is an early access game on Android. At the moment, it only has three maps, as well as more than a dozen robots (and two modes in the form of Skirmish = much like COD’s Team Deathmatch and Assault = classic World of Tanks area capture mode).

But with a rather balanced set of weapons and enjoyable interactions with the robot skills (all robots can fly, with some having abilities such as Shield, Jump, Stealth and Rush), Mech Wars will prove to be a quick-paced alternative to War Robots if ever the developers decide to fully invest into it.

Yes, you’ve read it right, Mech Wars is still in OPEN ALPHA PHASE.

I wonder how will the final game look like, to be perfectly honest.

Robot Warfare: The Old War Robots? Or the New War Robots?

Well, I am yet to try Robot Warfare, but from the feedback that I see, people say that the playstyle resembles War Robots in its earlier days, so I guess it should be a new thing.

I am yet to test it myself, but I think that it might also turn out to be a good game.

Battle of Titans: A Rising Game

We all know Battle of Titans; its community is backed by many of the old veterans of War Robots. In addition, a good number of “prominent” (prominent being “just able to reach the top 100 of the former upper WR elite”) have expressed their support in the game and have established solid footholds as well.

Battle of Titans is still currently in active development – though the game has already been out on iOS for a while now.

Imagine how BoT would look like in its final form. After all, seven-digit figures have already been invested into the game…even though it’s not yet even officially out on Android yet (correct me if I’m wrong at the time of writing!)

Among the contenders for replacing the WR dynasty, this game stands the highest chance to do so, as they apparently know what War Robots players miss in WR: A tactical game that promotes diversity of playing styles while at the same time forcing one to play smart.

Time to see what worlds would this game open up…

So there you have it – all of these games are available on Google Play Store (and you can always find links to the BoT Android test version on the Internet).

It is interesting to see whether one of these games can finally provide a proper alternative to War Robots in the mobile mech category.

Time will tell.

2 thoughts on “The Rise of the Challengers to the WR Dynasty

  1. In case you aren’t aware, the reason BoT devs are getting things right like old War Robots is because…….. Wait for it

    The developers ARE THE ORIGINAL CREATIVE TEAM BEHIND Pixonic//WWR before they sold the company.

    I kid not, and that’s why we haven’t really seen any new groundbreaking differences in mechanics besides the new Dev messing with the original code meta.

    1. I am aware of that, but I am hoping that they do turn into a different direction soon and become an actual challenger on Android.

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