May 22, 2024
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Here are some of the headlines that dominated the War Robots scene this week:

Modules to be Released

In what could be dubbed as “MK 4 War Robots”, Pixonic is set to release the new modules in the upcoming days.

The modules have different characteristics – and are akin to “perks” from the “Call of Duty” franchise.

It seems that Pixonic is really busy pushing out too much content, when it is yet to balance matchmaking, improve game performance and remove various bugs, among other concerns.

Taken from Pixonic’s main page.

Chinese Line to Come Soon

While people are still reeling from the loads of content that War Robots has been implementing, Pixonic has decided to release a new set of “flying bots” that can actually fly over the battlefield in a fly-by-wire fashion.

Boycott for Content and Modules

Many of the prominent players of War Robots have expressed their disgust at the release of the new modules.

On the back of a newly-finished boycott (No Play for December 9-15 plus No Pay for December), the game’s top clans have finally decided to come out in force and officially join the boycott, requesting and/or demanding that “Modules should not be released into the game” and that “they will not buy and use modules, whether in solo, squad or clan play.”

Here is the list thus far, according to the “WR Boycott” page and confirmed by mutliple players on Facebook and Discord:

  • Iron Smiles (iOS clan, household name of WR)
  • KOR (world’s #1 clan in the rankings as well as throughout various tournaments)
  • HC
  • SOS
  • RU
  • SYK (The “upper” clan are the current World Champions of War Robots
  • EOK (The “old” powerhouse that was considered to be the #1 clan)
  • HANEDAN 1453
  • ✪≌ᗴꝚᗱⵊꥃ✪
  • Metal Maniacs
  • B0$$
  • Tigers
  • 1KS (Renowned clan)
  • Black Flag
  • CHN
  • CHN2
  • CHNext
  • CHN3
  • 破曉黎明
  • 神州龍
  • Merks of Death
  • Iron Marauders
  • Ɓ①Ƈ
  • Ɓ②Ƈ
  • Holy Talon Templars
  • LSD 21759
  • Jaguares Latinos
  • Mythology
  • Dracula’s EMPIRE
  • BrotherBots

These clans come from all over the world, so it is expected that many players would follow their lead due to their relative influence.

This is one of the largest “civil mobilization” movements that WR has seen this year. Let’s see if it actually works out well…and get the results that are needed!

The Dreamslaying Take

While the big clans are to be commended for their gesture, there are two things to be considered in order to make it more effective – and fortunately, it involves the normal player out there!

  • Those who saw players from the above-mentioned clans using modules could take screenshots and post them to Facebook, to encourage them to keep their public commitment at hand.
  • PLAYERS are encouraged to follow the boycott as much as possible.

In addition, the top personalities of each clan could actually promote the boycott and explain to the normal player out there (on YouTube; I already saw many posts on Facebook and the forums about this) why they should not support Pixonic’s tendencies towards too much content.

I do hope that it works this time around, as these issues do affect the common War Robots population.

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