April 19, 2024
Here are some unpopular opinions on the

Now, it’s time to talk about the latest WR summer event. Instead of talking it in general terms, this writeup will focus on the three Skirmishes that happened throughout the event.

Without, further ado, let’s start with the first one!

  • OP Weapons and Bots Skirmish (7/10)

This one was par for the course. Everyone finally got a taste of the Bulwark, Weyland, Mender and other robots, as well as some good setups for the robots.

It became synonymous with “oh, we will kill you with Bulwark Dragoons every day…”

  • Spider Raijin and Helldive Schutze (9/10)

As for this one, it was a very crazy mode.

You got to know how to press quickly, lead your shots and look at the map all at the same time.

All in all, an action-packed mode!

  • One-Shot, One-Kill (10/10)

This one was actually the most enjoyable of them all, as it incorporated many of the basics of the game in one mode: Jumping, movement, strafing, cooldown checks, tapping and positional timings were all in this mode!

In other words, everyone needed to have a certain level of skill in order to play this game. Everyone gets the same robots; thus, everyone gets the same chances in terms of experiencing all the robots as well as getting a chance to get momentum and dominate the game.

Out of the robots in the game, the Galahad and Cossack were the most annoying and overpowered setups in this edition of the Skirmish. Cossack’s jumps, when timed right, make for a horrible gaming experience if you are the one facing it – and the only way to beat a Cossack is through “tap-firing” the weapons that one has, in addition to pre-firing the enemy position.

Meanwhile, although the Galahad has a huge hitbox, it is still a two-shot kill, in addition to the fact that one can abuse its movement patterns in order to avoid hits.

I have to say though that although I REALLY ENJOYED THE GARETH, it was HIDEOUSLY OVERPOWERED even by my standards (small hitbox, quick speed, very easy to abuse firing patterns, etc.) to the point that I just avoid fighting Gareths whenever I see one.

In fact, it was really awkward to run around with the Gareth against someone who is also using it! During the endgame, it becomes a very nasty game of tag…it takes at least one minute to kill an enemy Gareth.

Awkward, right?

But at least, this one rocks!!!

  • Now that we talked about the good ones, here is the only bad thing about the event…

The prizes were quite underwhelming, to say the least. I was expecting something like 100,000 tokens or 10,000 random components from any of the new robots for the last task of the event…or even 2500-5000 gold would have been enough.

They could have improved on this aspect of the event.

  • Overall?

The events were quite straightforward, without the need to spend lots of hours and/or grind tons of games just in order to win, thus allowing people to play it in a casual manner.

With this, I am hoping that they would make it better next time.

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