April 19, 2024
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This would be an unpopular opinion, but I do hope that there will be room for lucid reading and civil discussion, given the fact that the interweb (i.e. Facebook groups, Reddit, Wiki forums, Discord, etc.) is somewhat fed up already with the things that have been happening in the last two months or so.

Quite recently, Pixonic has announced that they will be releasing two new systems that are completely based on merit – that is, the amount and quality of rewards that a player would receive would involve player performance.

As the title implies, there will be regular drops of silver, gold, components (and possibly bots/weapons) after a predetermined number of hours (for the sake of discussion, lets set them at four hours).

Now, the catch is that in order to get the most out of the new function, one should go up the higher leagues. You tank down to the lower leagues? The answer is easy: Lesser merit rewards for you!

Even if you do the math and try to rationalize it, there is only a certain league where you can tank to (without losing out in the potential gains that you can get). Besides, the new low priority queue is punitive now and besides, the company has finally decided to start using its ban function liberally towards who are indeed guilty of the act. But then again, the company may bungle the implementation of this feature, so who knows what might happen.

Oddly, this will not benefit the whales, as they have already every weapon and robot in their hangar. The people who will benefit from these are players like you and me; particularly those skilled ones who play well, play hard and yet do not have the means to spend real money for the game.

Without going into the details, several competitive titles have been using this type of system where there are rewards, both cosmetic and functional, for every step of the league that you come in. League of Legends even gives out commemorative jackets to those who reach the Challenger League (and if you happen to be the non-sentimental type who is just in for the profit, you can sell it for hundreds of dollars online!)

Who knows, maybe Pixonic will even give out memorabilia to its top players…

Long story short? This new feature makes the game more viable for competition…and good for everyone!

Finally, there’s positive reinforcement for doing six things (at least, that’s according to the version of this feature):

  1. Finishing a match: Less incentive for tanking now, it seems.
  2. Being in a squad: So more teamwork and finally an incentive for me to get my friends to play or get into a clan!
  3. Winning: The important thing. Will finally reduce the level of their retardation in-game?
  4. Top 3 for damage: Heaven for those fighters out there.
  6. Top 3 for kills: Even Aphids and Snipers have something now! One shot, one kill setups incoming?

In addition, Pixonic will also factor time spent in-game as well as number of matches played in determining your Honor Rating.

It seems that the company is finally listening somewhat to this player base.

The question is, will they be implemented as promised? Or will they screw up the introduction of this new in-game content?

Overall Thoughts

Now, there’s a lot of news going on in the interwebs about people leaving the game, especially those who represent some of the most prominent public faces of the game.

I really wonder if those players and stakeholders (from what I understand, they are eminent clan leaders, YouTubers, content creators and respected veterans) who left the game would come back to this one.

These features, if implemented correctly, would signal a move towards more competitive integrity, as these are some of the requirements needed in order to create a viable ladder system in-game.

Would this mean that changes will come to matchmaking soon? Will we see better server optimization? Will we see more players staying and trying to appreciate the game once more?

Now, I don’t know how Battle of Titans looks like, so I can’t comment on how the game looks like or my own impressions of the game. But judging from the community reaction, I also believe that it’s going to be a competitor, assuming that they launch the game and maintain the game properly.

Personally though, I wonder if these moves by the publishers of War Robots have been done too little, too late…

Let’s see what happens next.

DISCLAIMER: The opinions stated in this article belong to the author alone.


The author has written for the main Pixonic website once and has won a writing competition once.


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