May 19, 2024
cheating in war robots
Wanted a hot take on Skirmish? Wanted to know how to play the latest edition? This one is for you!

Between the sudden disconnections, laggy servers, buggy maps, horrible matchmaking and prevalence of booster (MK3) as well as overpowered weapons and robots, it is easy to understand why War Robots is synonymous to stress and horror nowadays.

With that being said, the good moments are far and few between, so it’s time to enjoy one of the rare things that make War Robots fun: Skirmish.

What the hell is it?

The latest edition of Skirmish is basically an interactive game of chicken where one team tries to take out the other team with a combination of jumping robots that make suicide bombers tame by comparison…and run away from them with robots that literally look like spiders and just tickle those jumping ones!

Most probably, the lore involves the Schutzes getting payback for being bullied by all of their larger cousins in the real game…sounds like a good story, right?

Players can earn hassle-free silver and a bunch of Honor Points based on their finish in the match, whether they play on the winning or losing side.

Best of all, it adds up to your ad count and lets you complete your tasks in the event! What a glorious and casual way to do it, no?

In other words…it is fun!!!

How do you play it?

Each player has two giant Schutzes with Helldive at 250,000 HP and three mini-Raijins with three charges of “burst dash” at 100,000 HP. The Raijins have Tempests, Dragoons and Embers, which can help them in surviving the onslaught…just a little bit more.

The technique with both the Schutzes and the Raijin is to make use of their movement abilities as they have extremely deadly cooldowns. One can play an extremely aggressive or defensive game, depending on the circumstances that are happening at the moment.

Obviously, the goal of the mode is to wipe out the opposing team…and those Schutzes are rather deadly as they have a HUGE AOE attack that can take out up to 50,000-ish HP in one Helldive.

In layman’s words – the Schutze are the predators, while the Raijins are the prey.

Though the general rule is to leave the Schutzes for the endgame and hold out with the Raijins as much as possible, other teams deal with it by having a couple of Raijins as bait at the start in far spacings and lead them towards the “Guardian” Schutzes who can destroy the enemy vanguard…and if they survive, they can end the game quickly from there as they bring the fight to the enemy spawn – I’ve had a game that actually finished in three freaking minutes!!!

Personal Take

I really enjoyed playing this mode due to the fact that it is simply fun to jump around with a Schutze…and it is extremely thrilling to escape with the Raijin…and satisfying to escape that seemingly inevitable blast!

Needless to say, I won 90% of my matches in the mode, playing solo and going up against a couple of opponents, even seeing people with the “EOK”,”OZL” and other big-name clans play the mode.

If anything, this is a sign that even the “top” and “super” clans of the game have also enjoyed that mode!

Also, unlike the normal game modes, this one seemed to go light on my device.

Other Notes

The game has this particular bug when players get into the chasm and fall down the map. That sucks especially when you are at the beginning of the game.

There’s more than a day left to enjoy the mode.

On another note, Pixonic should indeed look at the problems that plague the game nowadays, as well as attempt to introduce a better ecosystem for all its players in the game. While they are still the number one game in Android, Battle of Titans is sure to make inroads once it gets on Android pretty soon.

Well, props to Pixonic for this tame event so far…and especially for this part of the event!!!

Just as we are free to criticize them for their epic fails, we should also learn how to appreciate the little moments that make this game better!


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