February 21, 2024
The author finally decides to spend his hard-earned 11K Gold on Six Pack League! Reasons and more!!!
Not my current hangar. Hahaha!

So, I heard that they will place the new economic system on July 5.

The thing is that with the fact that MK3 (boosters) are already here and MK4 (modules) are to be released any time soon, I realized that there’s no more motivation for me to go up leagues, despite the fact that I have two Dragoon MK2s, two Scourges and two Redeemer MK2s at the moment.

I decide to upgrade all my gear for Six-Pack League, which is about to have its grand opening this July. After all, I am with a very good clan (Nova Rising), whose main team is about to compete in this month’s Six-Pack finals!* Given that I’m planning to do this for quite some time (considering the time I spend on my day job and such), I like to think that this is going to be a great investment.

With that being said, you may wonder why spending I just decided to spend all those resources into 6PL, instead of going for the efficient deals and maybe complete that third Dragoon for my main hangar.

Six-Pack League is one fun league – no matter whether you are on the winning or losing side of things (unless you actually brought a troll/test build…)

With that being said, I got the chance to meet many passionate people of the War Robots community. It is a hotpot of cultures, thoughts, perspectives and everything in between.

Needless to say, I enjoy the time I spend on the Discord servers…

So just a basic way of saying: Invest in the things that you enjoy!

Some may question the fact that I “wasted” 11k gold on robots that are considered to be “sub-standard” and “second-rate” in this “instagib”** metagame.

Yes, I know that I could have gotten a Haechi (or most of its parts) with that money and maybe get three Orkans to put on it, so that I can actually play Expert League in the way that “it’s supposed to be played.”

But yeah, I rise up the leagues, then what happens next?

Cycle, rinse and repeat?

Is there still actually pleasure in rising up and become a “top” player, considering that you can buy most, if not all of your in-game strength anyway?

It is my way of saying to Pix that I will not bow down to the vicissitudes of the current game and that I will do the game I want in the way that I want to play it.

Yes, War Robots is a great game, even at its worst form (if it wasn’t actually a great game, then Robokrieg should have just bumped it off the radar by this time)…Oh, wait, isn’t Battle of Titans coming soon?

But then, some people do get tired of changes that are hard to quantify or comprehend. This is why I am hoping that the company actually stops producing new content and let a proper “philosophy” of play come in, before making any further changes.

Well, I love War Robots. But this does not mean that I will be a sycophant, for I know how a rotten tomato looks like when I see one.

I just hope that people in the company see that this game is beyond money – yes, Pix is a business, but they should also know how to give back to the community in return.

They can start by stabilizing the game in order to make it into a proper title…and make it stay as one of, if not the best mobile mech game in the industry.

This means better servers, optimized software, skill-based matchmaking and actual community engagement through the various people in the ecosystem.

So, I have no regrets spending that money for Six-Pack League. I just hope that I would be able to help my team when the time comes…in the best way possible!!!

*I am actually in their Team B, known as the “Bartenders”. Team A, the one with the experienced players and analysts, is called the “Drunkards.

**The name Instagib comes from the words instantly and gib. Gib means to explode an opponent into little chunks of meat and bodyparts. Commonly accepted definition on the interwebs…

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