May 19, 2024
Here are some opinions on Workshop 2.0!!!

So today, the uproar and excitement about the new patch has come to an end as the old workshop currency has finally turned into Black Market keys.

The odd thing is that the update hasn’t turned out to be extremely polarizing. Normally, when Pixonic posts something, they are immediately bombarded by negative feedback, with some even resorting to colorful language to get their point across.

In fact, one of the comments on Facebook looked more like this:

“(Pix) has already warned us way before that it’s going to be quite hefty in terms of silver costs. We’ve got like a ton of months to get ready for it – so why bitch about it now?”

Of course, there are still a lot of players who have been voicing strong opinions on various social media, which is perfectly understandable.

Now, before anyone raises their pitchforks at me, let’s make this clear: The Workshop 2.0 FEATURE DOES NOT REQUIRE MONEY FROM YOU. Sure, you will need to have time for this game to get the silver that you need, but then, you were not supposed to go into a buying spree ala Christmas sale, right?

The thing is that it is entirely possible now for players to reach their desired hangars without the need to rely on RNG or any other unreliable means. (Side note: At this point, let’s be frank, if you really wanted to become a player for a top team, you should spend at least some cash in order to get the minimum MK1 12/12 meta hangar that can play anything that the opponent can throw at you. Thus, as a result, this thinkpiece is more for the normal players out there.)

You wanted a Lancelot for your lower-league journeys and/or Six-Pack League? You can get it in less than a day!

Wanted a Scourge, Shocktrain, Dragoon or any of those fancy gear? You can get it within a certain period of time!

Yes, let’s not kid ourselves here: The costs of these weapons are pretty high, but at least, the currency needed to use it is basic – and can be earned by playing the game and doing all the other related in-game stuff!

But many are quite happy about the release of the new Workshop, though people are not as pleased regarding the release of the “lockdown energy shotgun” family. Luckily though, the Moscow-based company has already stated that it was going to be the last ones for the “lockdown line,” so I guess there’s a good amount of consolation for that.

Just one piece of advice: Don’t go gung-ho and get everything. You will need the patience, silver and gold in order to get your robot and/or weapon upgraded properly. (Personally, in my case, 8/10 is the relevant level for Expert League – I can go toe-to-toe with 10/12 builds with what I have at the moment).

To be frank, Pixonic has done a good number of mistakes in the past already and some people may be skeptical about this new change. This is not unwarranted, considering that the company has already bungled up its execution of new content in the past.

But Workshop 2.0 may be the start of a string of positive things about War Robots in this new era – besides, they already proved that they can do some proper stuff with their previous event as well as WR Update 4.1.

Well, I guess that’s all for now! Until next time!

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